New mouse-wheel problem


in vers. 2.66 is a new problem:
In tag-panel, genre-field it's not possible to scroll with the mouse-wheel.


I can't confirm this issue.
I can scroll with the mouse-wheel.

You're right.
I have now downgraded to 2.65a und newly updated to 2.66 and it works


Regarding german version ...
... scrolling in the "Verzeichnis" edit field moves the cursor to the edit field "Titel" or to some other edit field.


It didn't work (german version):
After programstart scrolling in the tag-panel fields works, but when you type anything in a field, scrolling is no longer possible, 'til you close the program and start it new.


Yes. In my case it jumped to the GENRE field.
And: once you have put the focus on any input field, it is not possible to remove the focus from that GUI object, so that the whole tag panel can never be scrolled again (unless you restart the program).
It would be nice if you could either click on the scroll bar or any other non-input-area of the tag-panel and then the whole tag panel would get the focus back again so that you could use the wheel again.

Is any of this behavior new? I briefly installed an older version (2.62) and the behavior of the wheel within the Tag Panel appears to be the same as in 2.66.

Edit: Wait... I do see some issues. I think it has to do with attempting to fix issues reported previously. It appears that once you begin editing one of the fields in the tag panel, which are all combination text input/drop-down menus, it's difficult to get back to where you can use the mouse wheel in that field. I've done it, but I can't say exactly how. IMO it should go back to wheel mode as soon as the user clicks the down-arrow to open up the drop-down menu.

If we're (also?) talking about the scroll bar within the Tag Panel itself, that behavior doesn't appear to be new. It looks like there has never been a way to take focus away from one of the fields in the Tag Panel, so no way to use the mouse wheel to scroll the Tag Panel itself.

I've added this with Mp3tag v2.91a (besides pressing keys arrow up or arrow down to enter wheel mode).

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