New tag doesn't appear in Field drop-down list in Filter dialog


I've been creating additional tags in my flac files to further identify my music to SlimServer. The ones I've recently created are DISC, DISCC, and COMPILATION.

After manually populating these 3 tags with Mp3tag v2.36c, I wanted to list which of my flacs didn't have one of these tags filled in. Normally, instead of writing an action, I just use the filter dialog at the bottom of Mp3tag. When I clicked on Field to select one of the new tags, I noticed that COMPILATION was not in the tag list. However, DISC and DISCC were both there. I looked in usrfields.ini, and COMPILATION was defined there, so I'm at a loss to explain why DISC and DISCC were listed, but COMPILATION wasn't.

Do I have a bad setting somewhere? Is it possibly a program bug? Or user error (most probably)?


New custom fields are populated to the filter after restarting Mp3tag and are stored at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Moebius\Mp3tag\Settings\TagFields

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Thanks Florian. I added my COMPILATION tag to the TagFields data list. Mp3tag now shows COMPILATION as a filterable tag.

sorry to bother the experts.
Tried to introduce new custom tag-fields to ther Filter function by adding them to the registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Moebius\Mp3tag\Settings\TagFields. Started MP3TAG new but no impact. Even if I delete all fields listed in the registry key nothing changes.
Any suggestins?
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The registry is no longer used since Mp3tag v2.37. Just use these tag fields somewhere (e.g. the extended tags dialog at View > Tags...) and they will be listed at the filter options.

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Sorry, this did not work for my Mp3tag version 2.37a, too.
Wether you create a new column in grid view or set up a new field in Tag Panel or create a new tag in Extended Tag view the field list of the filter function does not show the new tag, the field list in tag panel setup does the same bad behaviour.


I'm not sure but maybe you need to restart Mp3tag. I think the list on the filter is populated on startup.

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Hm, did not work for me after restart.
Only workaround so far was editing the mp3tag.cfg-file. Works but I don't feel very comfortable editing binaries.
Could the .cfg file come as plain textfile? This might have additional advantages: So I'm looking for a way to save permanet values for Privat-Tags in a pulldown list.
However MP3Tag is the best editor around. And I appreciate the time you spent on it and the quality it has!
Thank you for your support.

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Is this still supposed to work? I have never been able to get new fields into the filter list.

Edit: oops! yes it does work but only shows new fields which exist in the currently loaded files, which I guess makes sense.

I can't get any of my custom tags to appear in the filter dropdown menu. I created one called SOURCE and it is saved as ID3v2.3. I've added it to my Tag Panel, grid view, and I can see it in Extended Tags dialog. I have restarted mp3tag. It still doesn't show up in the filter dropdown menu.