New update no sound?

Hello guys :slight_smile: , today i update to new version and i notice after i press save and then finish there no sound ? they disable the sound ? or is my installation bug ?


edit... . i know now how activate the sound back Sound settings__

but look like they disable the sound in the new update to no sound on every save by default ?

I don't know.
I tested it with a message box after saving, pressed a couple of times Ctrl-S, got a system message box and the acompanying sound every time.
So I would investigate a little on your local system.

yes my old version work too the sound , but few hours ago they release new version and no sound after save so i manually have to enable the sound , so look like they make default now no sound after save unless you enable it

No, can't reproduce that either.
I've got version 3.0 and all system sounds were set just like before the update.
And this setting does not change.

[2019-12-04] CHG: disabled notification messages after changing, removing and saving tags by default.

I've disabled the default notification messages by default now. To many users were irritated by the notification messages which served no purpose for them and didn't know how to disable them.

Also, in recent years it became more and more uncommon to confirm every action with a notification message.

However, if you like and miss it, you can re-enable the notification messages via "Options > Messages":


ahh i see , thanks for the info , and yes i like the sound everytime i save :slight_smile:

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I enabled the sound again. For a short while, I thought there was something wrong when I didn't get the beep. Personally, I like the sound, but moreover it is disconcerting to change the setting without telling the user (except in release notes).