New Web Source in Wine under OS X


I have tried to add a new web source in OS X (running under Wine) but I cannot succed.
In Windows I normally put the new source under %APPDATA%

However under Wine the sources can be found only in
/Applications/ Files/Mp3tag/data/sources

trying to add a new Web source (i.e. iTunes.src) in that folder does not show up on the screen.

Any suggestion?

See these FAQs if you find another folder:

Also, you need write permissions to update the mp3tag.cfg file. Perhaps the program folder is not the best place for that.
And: after you have added the source, you have to restart mp3tag.

The sources found inside only serve as a template for the Wine environment on Mac OS X. They're copied over to an app-specific directory once you've opened the application for the first time.

Usually, you'll find %APPDATA%\Mp3tag in OS X at a location similar to

/Users//Library/Application Support/de.mp3tag.Mp3tag_/drive_c/users//Application Data/Mp3tag/

Kind regards

Hi Florian,

thank it worked perfectly.