Newbie question - Multiple automatic tags from different sources

Hi guys,
I'm not that much new to Mp3Tag, infact I have been using it to massive tag all my mp3 collection for a year. Since I'm going to reorganize my collection in decade folder, I would like all my songs to have year tag.

I would like to know (and how to do it) if Mp3Tag can:

  1. Automatically tags year of all mp3 using a source (discogs or whatever..). Something like, select all mp3 of a folder, press something and wait for Mp3Tag to end the job;
  2. The same for album title;
  3. The same for album cover.

For all 3 points I expect Mp3Tag not to ask me to choose for every mp3, but just do the job :slight_smile:

NB: all my mp3 are named and tagged in these 3 ways:

  • Artist - Song title
  • Artist - Song title [feat. Another artist]
  • Artist - Song title feat. Another artist

Thanks for your help!


I think, you are asking too much.
Usually, the idea to get any data for a track is to know in which album it was shipped.
Background: artist and title are usually not enough data to pinpoint the correct cover as this combination could appear on the EP, to original album, the best of, any odd compilation, the live album, the greatest hits, the gold edition, the special edition and so on.
The same would then apply to "year" as this usually is filled with the year of the release.

So which actual tag fields are filled?

And any which way you try it: you can process in one go only those files that belong to one album.
After that you have to select batch and let a script for the next cover.

Edit: I just stumbled over this older thread about a similar topic:

Thank you for your quick answer.

I think that the best (or expected behaviour) in case of a Search on DiscoGs would be something like this:

Eg: Search for Bruce Springsteen - No surrende

Results are ordered by relevance, so I really expect that the first one is the correct one. So, if I take that I can get the right album name, year and cover.

Another example: The Dog - Come on let's go

First result: album, year and cover.

Q1: Do you think I can do this just writing a script (I have to study how to do that) or Mp3Tag can do that?

Q2: by the way, according to your experience, what's the best way of tagging artist and title (considering featuring artists, remix..)? I the standard I wrote in the previous post..



See the forums section about web sources scripts, e.g.
and see if there is something that you can use.

As I am sure that you could also use all the other information that the scripts supply, I would let them overwrite the already existing data.
(if your example with "Bruce Springsteen - No surrende" is accurate, then a little updating would do no harm as it should be "Bruce Springsteen - No surrender")
Like that you would save yourself from writing new scripts from scratch and you would also take over the jargon as used by discogs (which could be some kind of standard) so that you do not have to worry about the "featuring artist".

Thank you for your suggestion! I will give a check in free time and let you know :slight_smile: