Newbie questions

Hi dear all,
I see that many seems to have a bit of trouble getting into the export thing stuff. Me too... :flushed:

I downloaded a few of dano's fantastic templates, but I don't seem to get them to work. I always get an output file [ SYNTAX ERROR IN FORMATTING STRING ]. No idea what could be wrong. Also, when looking at the edit of each template it reads

^ Don't forget to close the loops".

What does this mean? Do I have to edit the template at this point? I'd love to get into this, but I have no great idea about the programming (yet) :frowning:

Ah, I'm just realizing that I merely looked at a template embedded in Mp3Tag. So, at first... How do I import a mte file? A newly created export set (inside Mp3Tag) doesn't automatically seem to show in the "export" folder, right? A bit confusing... Is there no "how to" guide anywhere? Ie searched but didn't succeed.

Picking the right folder... freedb and Web Sources

Aaah! Thanks, there!!!! There is an "export" folder inside the C:\Program Files\Mp3Tag directory too, that's why I was confused. Great, I found it!

I played around with this all day, and here's a first result for a one album overview (according to how I'd like to see it). I chose the background color based on

If you like it, get it here: Album_template.mte
(it requires a "folder.jpg" in each album folder for the image to show correctly)