Nfo implementation

I have a large music library, which i'm happy to announce has been completely organized by mp3tag. I also share a great deal of it and when I get new cd's I like to write a .nfo tag which I then put in an updates folder so people know when I have updated my collection.

You can create templates such as:

     %artist% %album%

  Track listing

(%timestart%-%timeend%) %title%

%totaltime% %totalsize%

This above is a very crude example, but I think you can understand where i'm going. A program that I just recently used for this called, Music Nfo Builder, just doesn't quite cut it. It takes too long to scan the files and there's not really much customization for the template it uses. In my opinion mp3tag is THE best tagging software out there yet. It's so customizable. This is just a personal preference so I wouldn't be too discourged if it wasn't eithical enough to add such a feature.

The OTHER feature I would like to see is remembering artists. I often update artists albums and to have to enter the artists in each time is time consuming, so if there were a section, like the "user defined genre's" section, that would be great.

And yet another feature that would be really neat, is a custom folder creation. Say I have my music files in a random directory called "my music" and I want to move some music files in that directory to another directory where they are shared and create a folder based on the genre, artist, album, and year of the selected music files.

Example: \%genre%\%artist%(%year%) %title%

Therefore when I go to organize my files I don't have to copy files over, I can have the program move them for me, which saves me the trouble of creating all those directories which gets monotonous after a while.

Thanks for your time.

You can make nfo files with the export feature [Ctrl+E].
I've just made a simple template:
More on export:

For folder creation, you can use "Convert > tag - filename"
With backslash \ you can create new folders
You can enter a complete path for example:
C:\My music\%genre%\%artist%(%year%) %title%

New folders are created and the files get moved there

Thanks dano, for all the info, I was totally unaware of how flexible the export function is. It's awesome I have to say. I've also checked out your other templates and they're really nice. I'm going to be creating an html database with all my music and i'm going to be modifying some of your templates to implement in my site, thanks a lot.

The nfo template was very helpful and I have it working just how I like it. I can't tell you how much easier this makes my life. I LOVE mp3tag.

I have one question though, is there a way to set a default value for other fields? I have the disc number field added manually and I would like it to default to "1/1".

You can use an action "Format value" to set the Discnumber.