Nfo's from KODI into tag 🙄


Im wondering if its possible to extract genre from KODI nfo-file into tag?

Kodi makes nfo files "artist.nfo" in front of every albums.
Like this - Artist/albums/artist.nfo.
Full - Artist/albums/artist-abum/song.mp3

So the artist-nfo is always one directory back from where the MP3 is.

In the nfo-files, there is a lot of information. Like artist info, Moods, names and so on.

But in between those lines, the genre is written like this:

mp3 genre

So the question is: is it possible to load different albums from different artists into mp3tag at the same time, and make text-to-tag that always go one directory back into one "artist.nfo", look for its this text and place that into the genre-tag for each mp3?

A complicated question i hope you understand. I cant find any solution. And i dont think its possible for Kodi to do that job either. It dont write tags into mp3, only nfos's.

Im very thankful for every reply.
Kind regards


See the help on the "Import Text file" action:

As you can specify a file, it should be possible to address one, perhaps with an absolute path.
Then load the whole text file into a user-defined field e.g. %codi_info%.
Then use an action of the type "Format value" for GENRE with
Format string: $regexp(%codi_info%,'.*<genre>(.*)</genre>.*',$1)
After that you may delete the field CODI_INFO


New to your program (mp3tag) and I know it has been a while since this was replied to ..

I was able to get this to work when there is only 1x in the .nfo file .. but is there a way I could get multiple genres into an array so that I can "merge" or call each on out with the $meta_sep(x,sep)?

My genre's are in the nfo similar to:
< country > United States < / country >
< runtime > 176 < / runtime >
< mpaa > PG-13 < / mpaa >
< genre > Action < / genre >
< genre > Crime < / genre >
< genre > Drama < / genre >
< genre > Mystery < / genre >
< genre > SomeGenre < / genre >
(I had to put the spaces in between the <, / and > in order to make them show up in this message.)

Thank you.

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