Nickless Color Schemes for Multiple Albums

I am doing my head in trying to figure out how to do this, so I'm going to break down and ask...

My MP3s are stored in separate folders based on artist & album with all of the artist folders residing in a single MP3s folder i.e.:



I have been trying to do a mass export of the root mp3 directory using Nickless' Color Schemes Cover Overview, but I'm having little success.

I've searched around and found reference to the: $loop(%_folderpath%,1) argument, but I can not figure out where to put this in the .mte.

So far, I have inserted, $loop(%_folderpath%,1) at line 7 of Nickless' .mte, and I've tried closing the loop using $loopend () at various points in the code structure, but the closest I have come is closing the loop at line 1160.

This will pull the correct track information, but the same folder.jpg file is used for all albums and every album after the 1st lacks the color formatting , background color, and script functionality. Other attempts at closing the loop elsewhere have done everything from combining all tracks into a single album to not displaying anything at all.

Can anyone recommend the proper syntax to allow me to perform this mass export using Nickless' .mte? I am fairly unfamiliar with Javascript, but I am really impressed with Nickless' work and I would really like to use his .mte.


Check out my complete export maybe that could help you.

~ milka

Hi Dasein808!

I'm glad you like my export :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, tt is not possible to export multiple albums just by adding a new $loop, because there is a lot of java script in the resulting file (actually, the whole song table is generated dynamically at runtime) and a single error in script results in black table.
Beside this, every link is numbered for color schemes support, so multiple tables would create multiple items with the same number, it would confuse java script, and color schemes an links to the files for playing would not work either.

But the good news are, I like your idea, and I've allready started to hack on albumcover export to see what can be done :sunglasses:
At the moment it's very buggy, but at least, it looks like it should be :stuck_out_tongue:
I think it will work with some limitations, especially the order of albums will be fixed, the songs in all albums will be sorted by the same criteria and all tables will have the same color scheme. Maybe I'll drop support of old browsers too (Opera < 8, IE < 6 and NS < 6 are really ugly <_< ).

nickless :music:

Here is my new export configuration - multialbumcover :slight_smile: