No empty space in GUI cover art Discogs, when album cover fits perfectly (600x600)

Only cosmetic: When album cover preview is shown in option Tag Sources / Cover Art / Discogs it has some white space to the left and right, even when cover fits perfectly, e.g. 600x600 see screenshot attached.


I can confirm that there are some visible white borders also in the MusicBrainz tag source cover preview for 1200x1200 pictures


The cover itself (extracted from the above preview) has exactly 1200x1200 pixels:


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This happens here for every websource-preview, not olny with discogs und musicbrainz websources and not restricted to cover-download.
But here the visible borders are always left and right, not at top and bottom edge, even with musicbrainz.

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It also happens in the extended tags dialogue. But it does not look like that in the tag panel

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This behaviour does not occur before version 3.23.

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Can you try right-clicking on the cover preview and check if "Correct aspect ratio" is enabled?

EDIT: I've measured the cover preview window; it's exactly 153x141 pixels, so it's not a perfect square.
Cover art with squared dimensions (NNxNN) would need some type of border to keep the aspect ratio of the image.

Yes. If you disable "Correct aspect ratio" the display is without white borders. So it is a only problem if this option is activated. But till version 3.23 this activated option had not such impact.

Yep that's the cause:

With cover sizes below the preview window dimensions, the image is stretched (or not) to fit the window.
I'm assuming something similar is happening with the larger cover sizes.

The strange thing is:
If you have checked "Correct aspect ratio" which means "Korrektes Seitenverhältnis"
the cover will be displayed with white borders.
I assume this is caused by the frame around the cover which is not 153x153 pixels a @rboss stated above (it is 153x141).

Maybe a frame with the same pixel-width and -height could solve the problem already?

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... so the display is as it should be?
Looks to me like no bug then.

Maybe not a bug, but a somewhat unexpected behaviour?

The smallest possible size of the cover preview square in the Tag Panel is 213 x 213 pixels.
It grows in the width and height equally.

This AniGif shows the behaviour better:

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I would expect any square picture to be displayed with borders in a rectangle display area - unless it is set to fill the whole area.
And as the display area is

the white borders would have to be expected if a square picture (here: 600x600) is displayed and the ratio is kept.

Yes this is "mathematically" correct.

But in my eyes a square frame should display a square cover without borders. :wink:

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The frame in the tag panel is square, the one in the extended tags dialogue and the web sources isn't.
It can be argued whether all the cover displays in MP3tag should have the same ratio.

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I've fixed the non-squareness of the Cover Preview in both Extended Tags and Tag Sources with Mp3tag v3.23c. Many thanks for reporting this issue!


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