No Files visible in Directory

I am currently working on Win7 Pro. I converted WMA files with Audio Converter to MP3 files. I wanted to use mp3tag V2.72 to update the newly created MP3 files' properties such as Artist, Album and more. Although the created files can be played with Media Player or other VLC player Mp3Tag does not show the MP3 files in the directory when setting directory accordingly. Thanks for any suggestions.

Have you set a filter ?? Press F3 and see what happens

This is absolutely normal Windows Explorer behaviour: you see the system dialogue to select a FOLDER (directory) so it only shows folders, no files. I think this behaviour is different from XP.
MP3tag will load only supported files from the selected folder (and, if set, the subfolders).

I select the folder. After the Select Directory closes, no files are displayed in the file viewer table. the converted files are in *.mp3 format. I would assume this file type can be read by Mp3tag.

no filters are applied. Despite this no files seen in File Overview table

You can check in the status bar if any files have been loaded.
If it says something like "0", then there are not files.
If you see something like 0 (10) then 10 files are loaded but 0 are shown.
Check again, if you have accidentally applied a filter with a blank or something hardly visible - press F3 until the filter section is hidden.

Can you upload one of those files to a sharing service ?

Error most probably on my side.... :w00t: I tried editing tags of WAV files. If I convert the WMA file to an MP3 file Mp3Tag can load the files. Apparently WAV files are not recognized by Mp3Tag.

You cannot tag WAV files with MP3tag - in many cases, WAV files do not accept tags. If you want to tag files without compression, use e.g. FLAC.