No results with pone / discogs script

Hi all!

The Pone script seems bugged for me at the moment. Getting no results with standard Pone search while the album I'm searching for is on Discogs.
When using the discogs script I'm getting the following order: "Failed to authenticate using OAuth (1). >> 403: Forbidden".
Replaced the Discogs scripts with the latest ones, but that didn't fix it.
The default Discogs search (included with the fresh MP3Tag install), which searches album title only works though.
Also deinstalled MP3Tag and freshly installed the latest version, added the latest discogs scripts, but with the same results.

Anyone who can help me out?

see e.g. here:

or here:

Thanks for the reply!

https / UserAgent was added to my scripts last year already and they have been working ever since.
Fixed the latest discogs scripts with these as well, but with the same results.
I'll just stick with the default Discogs search for now and will try again later...