no right click menu on windows 7 64bit

hey all i've made the move from windows 7 32bit to windows 7 64bit and there's now no right click menu (explorer integration) for mp3tag.. can you fix this or tell me what to do? thanks

for a fix go here:

no right click menu on windows 7 64bit

Run the installer again and make sure you select the context menu option.

It was working ok for me on the Win 7 64 bit RC but now on Win 7 Pro 64bit, no context menu for me either.

I've run the installer to include the context menu option both on 2.44 and 2.43 (the version I was using with the RC) but with no success.

[edit] It's there when right-clicking folders but not mp3 files.


just like to add to my topic that i have selected the context menu option with the installer and i'm using windows 7 64bit home premium and i can also select mp3tag on folders but not mp3 files

also using the latest beta but that didn't help

Same for me running v2.44h. It used to be present when right-clicking files as well as folders, but now the context menu entry only shows up on folders.

Running Windows 7 RTM.

right i've made a fix for this that will add it the the right click menu:

please note if you've installed it into another location other then default you'll need to open the file in notepad and change it

please let me know if this works for you :slight_smile:

Are you using foobar2000? I've noticed that foobar2000 resets the context menu entries for its registered file types at each startup.

Thanks - that worked for me, provided I changed the path to the program files (x86) one.

No foobar2000 on my system, btw.


right i've made a fix for both 32bit and 64bit to add mp3tag the the right click menu:



please note if you've installed mp3tag into another location other then default you'll need to open the file in notepad and change it

I've got Foobar2000 installed so what Dano says is probably correct & that's how I lost my right-click functionality, but thanfully, steve51184's reg entry restored mp3tag to the context menu & it even survives launching Foobar2000!

Good work, Steve!

np glad i could help :wink:

A big help, too, thanks. Only a small item but an annoying one.

Still don't know why it doesn't work from the install file, though, I must have done about four or five goes of 2.44 and 2.43 including the explorer menu option checked without the menu item appearing, even after reboot. It was there immediately after merging the reg file, though, and after reboot.


{I don't think foobar2000 recreates context menus at each start, only if you go to it's preferences > File types
Then it immediately rewrites its registry strings and wipes out Mp3tag's because Mp3tag associates with the application that opens the audio files on double click.} edit: only true for winxp

There's also a big thread about context menu issues because foobar2000 and WMP have shell extension commands with the same name which might hide the entries of Mp3tag if I get this right:

For people that don't use foobar2000, what program is associated with your audio files?
Did you search the registry for Mp3tag entries?

steve51184 you may want to zip your reg keys and attach them to your forum post, they'll probably last longer here.
And this fix adds context menu to all file types, right?

i don't use foobar2000 but i do use AIMP2.. and yes the fix is for all file types i didn't know how to set it just for .mp3

and i can't attach them it won't let me

If you zip them you can attach. (611 Bytes)

That makes sense. I'm just glad we found a work-around to the problem that Foobar is causing. It really shouldn't clobber the registry strings of other programs.

I have been following that thread since it started, but more as a curiosity thing than anything else as I don't use WMP for anything at all on my system.

Just WMP for me. The install is fairly recent and currently the only other media player is Nero Showtime, which was set up with no file associations.

I didn't do a full registry search but there was at least one context menu item already there - presumably this allowed folder launch, which was working.