no support for ID3v2 tags in Tau True Audio?


I discovered TTA format recently and I like it. I've been working with Audiograbber so far and encoding to FLAC using external 1.1.2 encoder from FLAC. This combination supports ID3v2 tags with no problem: Audiograbber gets the info from CDDB and creates folder tree using %artist%\%album%, and puts %track%.%title%.wav in there.
Then command-line external encoder is used to compress the wav file and all tag fields are provided to the encoder automaticaly. After that I'm ready to use FLAC's and they have both ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags written.
Since there's no support for ID tags in command line encoder, it's not gonna work this way with TTA. So I rip and encode CD *.tta and than I use Mp3Tag to place tags in the file. It works partially. I got ID3v1 tags written but ID3v2 is empty.
It means that I'm gonna see titles or album names in the playlist or title bar, trimmed to the max field lenght.
Is it because of Mp3Tag or TTA format?
Anybody knows?



ID3v2 is supported. Does this topic help you?


It does.... Thnx DANO