No support for reading windows explorer ratings in m4a / mp4?


I'm perplexed by what u are saying.

This isn't some massive, pie in the sky, unattainable request. Its completely straightforward, well defined, and narrow in scope, and well within Florian's capabilities. He often updates mp3tag to support different tags.

I am simply requesting that mp3tag support the editing of whatever atom windows uses to store ratings. I gave him all the info he would need.

Nothing is "broken." Not the file format, not mp3tag. This just happens to be a case of an atom that mp3tag currently does not support but could easily be updated to support.

I look forward to Florian adding the capability.


I wanted to add that this is the atom:


And windows puts a data blob in it, consisting of basically a WM style type tag.

So basically Microsoft shoehorned their WM tag type into a m4a container. While I consider this odd and bizarre, it is not out of m4a spec.