Not possible to save track numbers with leading zero in m4a

In mp3tag, it's not possible to save track numbers with leading zeros in m4a files.
If I write 01 or 001 as track number, mp3 tag only saves 1. In other formats like MP3 or FLAC, the problem doesn't exists. In other programs, like Foobar2000, the leading zeros work, but mp3tag shows only 1 instead of 01 or 001.
Is there the possibility to fix this?
System: Win10 x64, latest mp3-tag-Version, German system.
Greetings Adrian Kurz

Not really.
The mp4 tags do not allow leading zeros as the track number is really a number and not a "numeric string" as for mp3 files.

If you want to adapt the display in MP3tag, you could try
$num(%track%,2)for the setting in "Value" for the column definition.
(This will not show the number total tracks, though).

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