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I have looked at how to automate getting album art for my mp3's. So far I have discovered the following:

  1. Create a new Tool AAD Album
  2. Under path point to AlbumArt.exe
  3. Parameter = /ar "%artist%" /al "%album%" /p "$replace(%_path%, %_replace(
  4. Create a new action %album%
  5. Create a new action type "Import cover from file"
  • format string = %album%.jpg
  • delete existing cover art (optional)
  1. Right click a file and select Tools/AAD Album
  • AlbumArt.exe is run and I do a Save File on the correct cover

Then if I select Convert/%album% the artwork gets embedded.

Is there any way to do this in one step?

Hi 'ericp', maybe of interest for you, there are some other forum threads about the conjunction of Mp3tag and the "Album Art Downloader":
See there:.

See also this attempt of a pictorial description:
Mp3Tag & Album Art Downloader Tut
Mp3Tag & Album Art Downloader Tut

See this german thread:
Cover importieren mit Album Art Downloader XUI, Anleitung: MP3Tag und AAD verheiraten
Cover importieren mit Album Art Downloader XUI

If you do not want to use AAD, but other one step cover loaders, then see there:
Cover search with previews from Amazon, + Google Images and more
Cover search with previews from Amazon

The parameter line, which you have given in your example above, looks somewhat confusing to me.
Better you check the syntax again. See "AAD/Help/Command Line Reference".
Take care not to mingle AAD commandline syntax with Mp3tag scripting syntax.

And try to become more familiar with the Mp3tag idioms.
For example ... 4) Create a new action %album% ... no Mp3tag user knows what to do exactly.


Thanks DetlevD for posting your reply.
I took 2 semesters of German 40 years ago in college. Too long-I don't remember anything since the only foreign language spoken in Fort Lauderdale is Spanish! The europeans are so lucky to have many different dialects that are within short distances of home :slight_smile:.

Anyway, my summary was from /t/11489/1 which is the english version/pictorial of how to do this, using their step by step instructions, and I thought it would not only get the artwork, but also embed it (but it doesn't for some reason).