[Not Working] Spotify, Gracenote and Saavn WebSource Scripts


I would like to share the websource scripts i created for Spotify, Gracenote and Saavn


For working with these scripts we need an external program. This is due to the fact that mp3tag will not work with SSL protocol addresses ( simply said https:// addresses ). This program acts as a proxy for all connections mp3tag makes. So the program is...

Burp Suite Free Edition

You can download it at portswigger Burp Suite

You need only the free version for this purpose. Download it.

It needs Java runtime for working, so make sure you have installed java runtime Java runtime

After Installing these programs We need to configure burp Suite and mp3tag . That's in the second post.

Now we have to configure Burp Suite

Open BurpSuite and key in as seen in below figure.

I have configured Burp suite to listen to port 8012. So we will configure mp3tag to work with this port.

In mp3tag => Options do as the following figure.

Now in the case of saavn Script we have to emulate our browser as IE, so scrolling down there is an option for setting that in Burp Suite.

Do as the following figure.

Now all the configurations are done. more about scripts in next post

Spotify WebSource Script

This script uses the metadeta service offered by spotify.

Here is the Script.

spotify.src (5.1 KB)

Copy it to c:\users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag\data\sources

and you are good to go.

Always remember to open burp suite before opening mp3tag

spotify.src (5.1 KB)

GraceNote WebSource Script

This is one of the highly anticipated script in this forum. Gracenote recently opened up their database for metadeta queries, and i have been trying to get it working with mp3tag.

This script needs some more requirements.

First of all you need to make an account at gracenote. So head on to Gracenote Developer Portal and register an account in there. Once an account is setup you need to "add a new app" in your "My Apps" page.
Give an app name such as "Mp3Tagger" . Once it's done you will get a

Client ID (a seven digit number code)

and Client Tag (an alpha-numeric 32 digit code)

Save this for use in the script.

Now here is the script
gracenote.src (3.42 KB)

Open up the script and enter the ClientID and ClientTag in places of x's and y's of [IndexUrl].
Also put ClientID in x's of [AlbumUrl]

Remeber ClientTag is 32 digits long while ClientId is only 7 digits.

Now we need an addon for burpsuite for working with this script, more about that in next post

gracenote.src (3.42 KB)

Gracenote Websource Script (Contd...)

As stated we need an addon to Burpsuite for working with this script. I created it using java. Here is the addon. Its a Zip file. Download it

burp.zip (20.9 KB)

Unzip it to a suitable position and you will get a jar file.

Now in BurpSuite do as the following figure.

Now transfer the websource script to websources folder and you can enjoy gracenote.

burp.zip (20.9 KB)

If your recommendation is a "Man-in-the-Middle" application within or replacing a SSL connection, then there is a big reason not to use it.



Saavn WebSource Script

Not everybody know saavn. It's a music streaming service in india. I have created this script exclusively for indian users of mp3tag .

It doesn't need any new configuration. (Phew! thank god, last one was hard)

Here is the script

saavn.src (3 KB)

Download it and save it in websources folder and you can enjoy tagging using Saavn.

So Here are the Scripts. Press "Thanks" if it helped you. :sunglasses:

saavn.src (3 KB)

Feel Free " NOT TO USE IT " :rolleyes:

Honestly, The program Burpsuite is not made by me . It's a network test suite. Once mp3tag implements SSL protocol support its not needed. :sunglasses:

Hi, all. I have identified a problem with the burp extension lately and suitably modded the program. Now the results will not be repeated after each queries. For those who downloaded please download it again from the above link. (link has been modified)

Is there any way to download 640x640 covers from Spotify?

Yes, Its possible.

Open up your spotify.src file. In the ParserScriptAlbum part look for the following lines

Album URl

outputto "coverurl"
findline "url"
moveline 1
findline "url"
say "http://i.scdn.co/image/"
movechar 37
sayuntil "\","

Now all you have to do is delete the lines shown in below

moveline 1
findinline "url"

Your modified script will look like this

Album URl

outputto "coverurl"
findline "url"
say "http://i.scdn.co/image/"
movechar 37
sayuntil "\","

Yeah, i fixed it, was a problem with Burpsuite, sorry.


There is a bug on the Spotify Script #Publisher part... some musics the publisher name shows this:


i cant configure burp with my mp3tag. i always get abort by user when using your spotify scripts please help

You should try again, MP3Tag now have HTTPS support.

spotify show only first 50 tracks, how fix it? (now his API split album by 50 tracks)
plz. add import ISRC

It would be a good additional feature if the srcipt could get informations from playlists as well.
This way someone could create a playlist in Spotify and get information for local files for this selection.

Hi qqwen!
Why is it that I get a 9 digit Client ID intstead of your mentioned 7? Does that explain why I get this error message?

Thanks for the script.

May I get script for http://www.hindigeetmala.net ??

Is it possible to make script for http://www.hindigeetmala.net

Please reply.

Thanks in advance.....