[Not Working] Spotify, Gracenote and Saavn WebSource Scripts


Hi! I wanted to tag and obtain the cover for the Spotify Session of Sia and with Mp3Tag now supporting HTTPS, I thought I could actually do it..
Turns out it does work but it doesn't display her Spotify Session, nor those of a lot of artists!
A bit of an irony, isn't it ?


The Spotify shows not all results because the amount of results that are displayed is limited to 20 results.

To see what you want to see you have to be more specific and enter
artist and album in the search field.
"Sia Spotify sessions"

For better handling you should creat several copies of the spotify script and change them in line 18 from the original "[SearchBy]=%title% to your wish.
Looking for the title of a song does not make sense for my personal use.

I myself have 3 copies named.
Spotify#Albumartist - Album.src
Spotify#Artist - Album.src

The changes to make to line 18 after [SearchBy]= :
%albumartist% %album%
%artist% %album%


Have a question regarding several glitches I've encounterd when using the Spotify Web Source.

If it retrieves multiple artists for a individual track, instead of having them displayed like so:
artist 1, artist 2, artist 3

It has them displayed in the following format:
artist 1,artist 2,artist 3

Why does the script automatically strip out the " " after the comma character? Any way to have it keep it?

Also when it first parses the song's filename to enter the data for the search field in MP3 Tag, can the script be configure to strip out everything that isn't an alpha numeric character (A-Za-z0-9). Also to remove any extra spaces (\s{2,}?) It leaves the punctuation marks in place, which yields bad search queries from the Spotify API. I have to manually delete the special chars for it to work properly.

Also it never finds the associated genre classification for the found song. Doesn't Spotify's API backend allow the retrieval of the genre along with the other info?

Other than the above, the script works great!


Spotify stop working for me, please help fix script


Same here!


Make somebody Spotify or Qobuz script!


I followed all the instructions for the Gracenote script, qqwen? How do I get it to show up in MP3tag? It's in the sources folder, but nothing is showing on the menu.


see here for locations where to put scripts and stuff:
It could well be that you use other locations than the one suggested in the script installation.


Bingo, that did it. Now I'm getting an error when using the script:

Error connecting to server
provided uri is invalid

Is it possible Gracenote has changed their API method?


Is this script still working?

I am getting the following error when I try it using Mp3tag (version 2.86):

"Error connecting to server: http://www.saavn.com

12002: WinHttpReceiveResponse: 12002: The operation timed out"

Any ideas on what the issue might be and/or how to fix it? I have Burp Suite installed and configured according to the original post.


saavn script is partially working but it returns nothing fir every search I make, i dont get any error though


I've added [Not Working] to the topic title, as all of the web sources in this topic seem to be not working at the moment.


It would be nice if someone could update these scripts because getting automatic tag information at the moment is not easy!

I've never had problems like this with Tag&Rename but unfortunately that doesn't have the same power to modify that MP3tag does.

Sources I would like to see: Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music, AllMusic.com