Notepad++ plugins for mp3tag

Are there any plugins specific to mp3tag for Notepad++?
And where would I find them?

LOL like I know how to use it yet.

For doing what?

But NPP plugins are at >>

And there is a list in Notepad++ menu Plugins -> Plugin Manager

I believe I am looking for the language plugin for Boost.Regex which is mentioned elsewhere on this site and it perhaps conforms to the way mp3tag scripts are written. I am not sure if I am asking the correct terminology. Not sure if mp3tag conforms to Boost.Regex language or one of the following listed here

The scripting functions are documented at >>

There are some 'quirks' in MP3Tag's regex handling but it is built with the Boost library and is pretty much the same as the NPP implementation.

The 'quirks' are when using [,],(,) as literals in an expression. They need to be escaped with single quote as well as a \ and is documented on the help page that is linked to, also in the local user manual/help file (press F1)

I usually test my regular expressions in Notepad++ then add the quotes when transposing the scripts to MP3Tag actions.

How do you test in Notepad++ before implementing? Could you please describe this?

Isn't this a question about Notepad++?
Please look for that kind of information on pages that deal with the functions of Notepad++
This is the MP3tag forum that deals with MP3tag.

This topic is about using Notepad++ with mp3tag.

You asked

This looks to me like a question about something outside MP3tag.
if you want to test regular expressions in MP3tag, then use the function Convert>Tag-Tag with $regexp() as part of the format string.

No, it is a question about how to test a mp3tag regular expression using notepad++ because testing in mp3tag is difficult and can screw up what you are trying to do.

Open NPP. Type in the words or phrase you are trying to match into a new file, then just use the "Search and Replace" tools in notepad++ in Regexp mode to test the pattern matching.

I don't think you can test multi-line code using the convert feature of mp3tag can you?

@chrishirst Thanks for your reply. Using this method, can you insert multiple lines? Also, is it literally a case of inputting the code you think will work in find and replace? Don't suppose you can supply an example can you please?

Maybe you are looking for something like that?:

A way to [in this case] to count all of the artists [including featured ones], with the help of Notepad++. [I know: it is not a plugin]