Odd characters in car CD display

I converted all the audio CDs I use in my car to mp3 files so that I could get several hours of play on a single data CD.

The car player doesn't show the filenames or Title field, it only displays three characters -
ÿþ plus the first letter in the Title field.

Does anyone know why this happens ? The two leading characters are Alt 0255 and Alt 0254 but I don't know if this has any significance. How can I get the Title field to be displayed ?

The player is in an eight year old Vauxhall Astra. Maybe it's just a rubbish player and I need to buy a new car to play my CD properly :smiley: .

Are Id3v1.1 tags in the mp3s?
Oder Players don't support ID3v2.3 or 2.4.

Another possibility:
Incompatibility between the CD-ROM-Player and the chosen file-system of the burning software.

You should check if the car stereo can cope with V2 tags. Perhaps it only likes V1 tags and therefore hickups when it reads the data of the V2 tags - which are stored at the beginning of a file, while V1 tags are stored at the end.

Also, the character encoding could be a problem - see this thread about encoding:

Sorry, you have to try it locally, but these the knobs to twiddle.

Thanks ohrenkino, I changed the character encoding to ISO-8859-1 and the Titles are being displayed correctly now.

Muchas Gracias