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Now that Opus is a standardized Web audio format, the possibility to edit Vorbis comments in Opus files with MP3tag would be very much appreciated.


Yes I'd like this too! :slight_smile: Opus is an amazing encoder and I'm finding it useful for speech recordings - 32kbit/s with very little loss in quality.


OPUS is a new codec from the Xiph guys who are behind the Vorbis and Theora projects. http://www.opus-codec.org/
OPUS is a low delay royalty-free open source lossy audio codec which was initially developed for telecommunication purposes but as it turned out it's very good for archiving and streaming purposes aswell. It can be used to encode music, speech and mixed content. It's actually two codecs integrated into one: CELT (the pilot codec behind OPUS) and SILK (originally used by Skype for speech encoding). It can target bitrates from 6kbps to 510kbps and has VBR and CBR modes.

Tests shows that Opus easily outperforms HE-AAC at 64kbps (http://people.xiph.o...eg/opus/ha2011/) and scales very well with bitrate. It also has a very good error correction mechanism for streaming.

It would be great if this codec is supported to do some tag editing :smiley:

Hello Florian,

just wanted to second the request for Opus-tag support.
Are you considering tag support for the Opus format?

Thanks all the work you have done so far!

It took me a while, but the current Development Build now supports IETF Opus.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

And not even an April Fool's joke :music:

Thanks Florian for this great feature. It works nice as far as I tested it. I just noted the Mp3tag option doesn't appear in the contextual (shell) menu for Opus files. Is a reboot necessary?

Thanks for you feedback! It's much appreciated :slight_smile:

Can you please try the context menu extension with the latest Development Build.

Perfect! Thank you again :slight_smile:


I would like to notify that the opus ogg tag editing is not working. Music is encoded with latest FFmpeg (ffmpeg-20151203-git-085ab74-win32-static)

cmdline used for batch mp3 to ogg (opus): (also tried files converted from ogg (vorbis) to ogg (opus))

for %%A IN ("*.mp3") DO ffmpeg -i "%%A" -c:a libopus -b:a 128k "%%A.ogg"

mp3tag Version: 2.72a.


"File ABC.XYZ cannot be opened for writing"

Note: I am able to change tags on ogg vorbis files. Files converted from ogg vorbis to ogg opus retains all tags but no longer can be edited by mp3tag 2.72a

Just a quick shot into the dark ...
it seems that this FFMPEG version applies "encoder=Lavc57.16.101 libtheora" too (for the embedded cover picture), instead of alone "Xiphophorus libVorbis", when having parameter on the cmdline: -codec:a libvorbis.
Although displayed on the screen log output, existing tag-data will be not transferred.
It seems like a problem in the FFMPEG recoding process or in the cmdline options???

But ... recoding a given ogg file ...
ffmpeg.exe -i "beanbonus.ogg" -codec:a libvorbis "bb2.ogg"
... creates a new ogg file with a tag-field:
ENCODER: Lavc57.16.101 libvorbis
... this seems to be ok, ...
and Mp3tag can work with this file.


This sequence of two ffmpeg.exe commands does work ...
ffmpeg.exe -i "Soundfile.mp3" "Soundfile.wav"
ffmpeg.exe -i "Soundfile.wav" -codec:a libvorbis "Soundfile.ogg"
... and Mp3tag does accept "Soundfile.ogg".


These piped ffmpeg.exe commands does work ...
ffmpeg.exe -i "Soundfile.mp3" -f wav -|ffmpeg.exe -i - -c:a libvorbis "Soundfile.ogg"
... and Mp3tag does accept "Soundfile.ogg".


These piped ffmpeg.exe commands does work ...
ffmpeg.exe -i "Soundfile.mp3" -f wav -|ffmpeg.exe -i - -c:a opus "Soundfile.opus"
... or ...
ffmpeg.exe -i "Soundfile.mp3" -f wav -|ffmpeg.exe -i - -c:a libopus "Soundfile.opus"
... and Mp3tag does accept "Soundfile.opus".


This standard ffmpeg.exe command does work ...
ffmpeg.exe -i "Soundfile.mp3" -c:a libopus "Soundfile.opus"
... and Mp3tag does accept "Soundfile.opus".


Yes, I have confirmed that my files are encoded with the correct library. It's possible that Mp3tag cannot open ogg opus (?) because it opens ogg vorbis with no problem

Here is some info on one of the encoded music.

Writing application           : Lavc57.16.101 libopus

ID                             : 2974692199 (0xB14E3367)
Format                         : Opus
Duration                       : 3mn 36s
Channel(s)                     : 2 channels
Channel positions              : Front: L R
Sampling rate                  : 48.0 KHz
Compression mode               : Lossy
Writing library                : Lavf57.19.100

EDIT: I would like to note that Mp3tag is able to show the Artist/Title names under the columns in the application for ogg vorbis but once the file in converted to ogg opus, nothing shows up under the Artist/Title names column. However, in my music player, I can see the tags for ogg opus

EDIT: another note, to confirm the files are ok, I have used "TagScanner" to change the tag in ogg opus files and it works
This may help: https://wiki.xiph.org/OggOpus#Comment_Header


I have tested converting ogg vorbis with tags to ogg opus and the tags are perfectly transferred; I have check in TagScanner

As I have pointed out in my previous post ...
Ogg Opus
... Mp3tag can read and work with ogg-files and opus-files.
Do you agree?


Yes I completely agree, I am just concerned about its compatibility with opus in the ogg container because audio encoded via opus can be with both .opus and .ogg extension (most file applications do not register .opus as media file but it can still decode .opus files)

EDIT: I may simply transition to the .opus file extension to simplify my life or simply leave it the way it is so my phone can open the file natively

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