Omit Track Number from Filename>Title

Hi All,

First post so please help.

I'm trying to find a simple way to create title information from the filename. When I use the automated tool it (obviously) also picks up the full filename;

01-Song Name.mp3 (becomes) 01-Song Name.

Is there a string I'm missing to omit/ignore the first 3 letters/digits when converting? I did see a %dummy% string but no further info.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Fantastic tool by the way, very easy to use and very dependable - well done!

Hello PalatialDave and welcome to Mp3tag,
you can split such filenames into two parts at the hypen separator using the "Filename - Tag" converter with the Formatstring:
The converter will set the tag field TRACK to the value of %TRACK% and the tag field TITLE to the value of %TITLE%.

If you do not need the track number to be stored in its own tag field, then use this Fomatstring:

The %DUMMY% placeholder can be used at any place where you can think of to suppress a value.

If the Converter is able to evaluate the given Formatstring, then the dialog will display a preview of the created tag fields in spe.



You are a true Gent!

I had been manually selecting and then manually deleting the first three digits of the track name. This tip works an absolute treat.

Thanks very much for your prompt reply - puts real faith into forums like this.

Thanks again - and I would like to also congratulate the team on a cracking little piece of software.

Warmest regards