Online Information doesn't work (freedb, etc...)

Every time I try to use the online information to fill the tags automatically, and highlighting only the songs of a certain CD, it always gives a error, no matter what the service I use. How do I solve this?
Pics very much related :wink:


Can you please try it with the current Development Build first, before we're going any further?

Screenshot URL doesn't seem to work for me.

Okay. I updated to 2.39p, still the error stays the same.

Screenshot 1 (Amazon)

Screenshot 2 (freedb)

Have you followed the instructions from this post?

Yes. Firewall is off, and I used some of the instructions on that post (except the timeout option, which I couldn't find), for no effect.

Mm, I think I'm running out of ideas. Are you using a proxy?

Nope. Maybe you shouldn't blame your software, as I also cannot connect to freedb in foobar2000. It's just weird, I tought it was an issue with freedb, and by trying Amazon or similar it would work...