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Hey there!

I use to edit mp3tag in mass by myself but of course, there will be always missing fields. On winamp, when I use "auto tag", I don't miss the main fields but I got to do several clicks for several files.
So, is that possible to do "auto tag" on mp3tag like we do on winamp?
I already tried using "freedb" but the results are not accurate, or maybe I still don't know how to use it.
Can you guys help?

Could you please specify what you are looking for and describe it not by comparing a completely different program but by elaborating on the functions within this programme, especially as apparently the function in the other programme used for comparison is actually not comparable.

If you want to use tagging information from other sources in the web, please have a closer look at the web sources featured in MP3tag and the additional ones for download in the web sources section
in this forum.

I already specified exactly what I need. I got to mention another software because it is the way I found to exemplify what I'm looking for on mp3tag software, and ask here on the forum if this is possible with mp3tag software.
The link you sent has nothing to do what I'm looking for.
Thanks anyway.

Hm ... marcelo_neri ... what you have said about "auto tagging" with Winamp and Mp3tag let me assume, that you do not know much about how to use Winamp and Mp3tag.
WinAmp allows to "auto tag" one file or a bunch of files at once, but it provides only the one websource Gracenote.
Mp3tag supports a bunch of other websources.
Folllow the link in post #2, and learn how to apply the offered websource scripts.


I'm new to MP3tag, is there a tutorial or youtube that shows beginners how to use the tag sources within MP3tag to fill in missing tags?

That link doesn't show what I'm looking for. Click on it and you'll see.

People should click on their links in order to check if it is really what was asked before send to somebody else...

Nice question. I hope we get the answear yet on this topic.

marcelo_neri, I cannot accept your rejection.
The given link points to a forum page which is made especially for all themes regarding the Mp3tag concept of using Web Sources Scripts, that is the Mp3tag framework for auto tagging.

In the Mp3tag Help Manual, section "Web Sources Framework", there is also a link to a forum post of the developer himself ...


Using Mp3tag you are your own Tutor or Film Director.
I admit, for really computer beginners there is a hurdle to jump over, when starting to understand how Mp3tag is structured and what tools are offered by the Mp3tag workbench.
You can starting with reading the Manual, then try something out, using the Mp3tag application with some test files.
Read forum posts and try to understand the questions, answers and follow the offered solutions.
If you have a really new question, then open up a forum request and you will get additional help from other users.


I'm confused.

With regards to this thread's topic, I went to the link posted only to find another forum topic from which I had to read 12 to 13 sub-topics only to become more confused than when I started. It introduced me to scripting, which is great if I only knew how to use it. I'm not at that level.

Secondly, it didn't attempt to explain auto-tagging. Third, I never heard of WinAmp and I don't know what auto-tagging is or what it's rendition of it is.

I suppose I should ask, what does auto-tagging mean? Does it mean that MP3tag tries to identify the song using existing fields? Or does it mean that I must know the song, and then using MP3tag's sources find the song; select it's data; then use MP3tag to insert it?

In either case, I can't see how this would work on multiple half tagged songs or songs labeled track01, 02, etc. or untitled 01, 02 etc.

Please explain.

Well perhaps all the confusion comes from your question in post #5 which hardly has anything to do with the original topic.
Why do you ask about an absolutely basic introduction into mp3tag when the thread is about auto-tagging?
Please ignore any references to auto-tagging and see DeltevD's answer as honest as it could be:
you would have to start from scratch more or less.
Just to make this absolutely clear: participation in this forum is a voluntary job for both sides - for those who ask questions and for those who try to answer them and asks for co-operation on both sides: the one asking questions has to be willing to learn something just as the one who tries to answer has to take the problem serious and invest a certain amount of time and effort.

To cut it short: no, there is no youtube introduction - unless you provide one.


I assume that maybe i didn't explain well what i'm looking for, or maybe it was not clear for some. So please read to the end.

Let's start from a song in mp3 format that I got nothing about it's tags and the file name is just: "file.mp3".
If I open it with winamp and click on "auto tag" (it is a button on that software that go I don't know where in the internet and brings me the complete tag of the song). If the tag matches with the song I got, I just hit "ok" and boom! It's done. I mean, now I got it's exactly tag.

I just want to learn how to do the same on mp3tag. Is that possible?

ps: I mentioned another software in order to illustrate what I'm looking for.


If as you say, you use MP3tag to view this file.mp3 and it is blank - no tags, Clearly there has to be some identification embedded within file.mp3 for Winamp to seek out a song title. The question is what identification mark does it use (extended tag)? Once you probe Winamp's forums for this critical bit of knowledge, only then can you ask this community how to use MP3tag's external sources to search a song with this mysterious embedded tag.

However, there is another way to search for a song, but this is hypothetical. It is possible to create a fingerprint for a song, much like each file has a unique MD5 sum. Basically, the software scans the song, not the tags, to create this fingerprint. Once the software has the fingerprint, it then searches a database of fingerprints to find a match (80%, 95%, 99%). Then the list of matches appear for you to select. There are software packages currently available that use this technique to compare songs to identify duplicates. They work beautifully (ex: Unknown\Untitled\Track01 = Elton John\Your Song)

This maybe what WinAmp is doing, I don't know. But all I know there is a open source project currently developing this database (ubuntu world). It would of course be incredible if MP3tag investigated the possibility of including this technology into a future version.

As I read about WinAmp's tagging service ...
... it does not need any tag-field filled with any data ...
... it uses a technical audio detection processing ...
... by taken a sample of some seconds of music from the media audio file ...
... and sending this sample to a special external database service ...
... which in turn answers with file related text data.

As I understand Mp3tag's web source service ...
... it has no audio processing embedded ...
... it cannot tag a file from just the audio content ...
... it works on a different basis than Winamp, only with text oriented remote databases ...
... it needs some known file related text data, e. g. the name of the album or other data, which the remote service needs to lookup in it's database.


If the file has some known related text data, how to make the software fill the empty fields?
Step by step please.

As technology enthusiastic man, I find this project very interesting and immediately feasible.
But this project also creates enormous problems.
The online service knows immediately where in the world on which computer someone holds a copy of this special song.
It is a tremendous help for the music industry to claim their rights on the music and lyrics.
Once in the hands of investigators this can lead to worldwide total control.
The audio fingerprint project digs the grave for all 'old school audio users', which usually have some backups from the master in a distributed storage in the background.


From Mp3tag main menu open the sub menu "Tag-Sources".
Select a provider resp. a websource script.
Follow the instructions.
Use the Help button.


Agreed. You make a great point.

Perhaps in the future an open source acoustic fingerprint project will allow the downloading of the database (like - download the updated database monthly). This way users can use the technology locally (on their own PC) without accessing the internet.

That's what I was looking for since the beggining.

To find tag information for a CD album or track, one only need identify the number of tracks on the CD, the exact length of each track and the order in which these tracks appear. Very few albums have the same number of tracks of the exact same length in the same order with the same number of frames per track and the same frame start numbers. This technique needs neither text information nor actual knowledge of the musical content.


Hmmm ... FREEDB uses this DISCID algorithm ... and there are numerous cases of doublets with the same DISCID. The DISCID algorithm is unreliable and outdated.