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I started this topic about a year ago and I even thanked someone, his posting didn't help me at all.

I'm still waiting for some help.

Even thanked someone! Wow, With an attitude like that it would be hard to get a straight answer.

Although the answers still the same as all the replies you've been given so far. And to put it simply the answer is no. Mp3tag cannot autotag like you describe.

Marcelo, the answer to your question is clearly stated in post #13 by DetlevD. Unfortunately, there is no such functionality in mp3tag.

I use Winamp as well, and I must say the auto-tagging based on audio signal alone is a very unique feature. I have searched for other programs that can do the same, and I have found none that come close to Winamp. Also, Winamp can do multiple files at once, but you must be careful in case you get the wrong title/artist for a song.

For those who don't know or never used Winamp to auto-tag, this function is very similar to the Shazam and SoundHound apps that many people use in their iPhone or Android phones where the phone "listens" to a track sample, sends the sample to the Internet, and the title and artist are displayed on the screen, and this is done all without looking at any text info, tags, filenames, etc. This does not use MD5 or file hashes because then it would not be able to identify anything given how audio samples can vary in quality and can come along with lots of background noise as picked up by a microphone. I have to say this technology does a very impressive job and identifying music. The technologies has its weaknesses, though. It can be fooled by merely speeding up or slowing down a song by a few percentage points or even changing the pitch up or down a bit.

It is similar to the technology that YouTube, SoundCloud and others use to identify content we upload to ID and discard content if it finds it is copyrighted to reduce piracy. I would've thought this technology would be in many PC programs by now, but I'm surprised it isn't, especially when there's nothing new about it. It has been around for at least a decade. However, I don't know enough about the inner workings of this technology to say why it is not a mainstream available feature that any music player or tag editor can have.

If there is another PC or Mac program out there that can do this, I would love to know about it.

On the other hand, I find mp3tag is very simple to use and intuitive. It does what it does very well and very fast and doesn't bloat the interface with unnecessary features. Thanks so much for a great software!


Thank you mveras1972

stevehero on the search of some outcome, I had to stress that none of the replies helped me yet at all. But I thank you for telling that mp3tag (excellent software) cannot do it (yet).

Greetings from Brazil!
Marcelo Neri