Open album folder in windows explorer

Hello, i am not a big fan of dragging and dropping individual albums to Mp3tag from within windows explorer. I rather open all my albums at once and work with them in mp3tag exclusively.

However there are times when i need to preform change like (delete entire album and folder where it resides or reorganize files from sub-folders cd1, cd2, cd3 etc into root album folder for audiobook).

Then i need to go back to windows explorer for this.

Is there way to right click and open folder in windows explorer or other way to jump from mp3tag interface to folder with album within windows explorer?

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Yes. You can add a so called "tool" in File -> Options -> Tools:

You have to browse for the path to your local explorer.exe
The parameter to open the windows file explorer with the actual path of your select file is:

The "(CTRL + 7)" is just a textual hint for myself. This only works, if your tool is the 7th entry in the tool list. The first entry can be called with CTRL + 1, the second entry with CTRL + 2 and so on.


Works great, thanks.

Thanks. But I would recommend to you to rename your topic and your script into "Open file location in Explorer". If it would had been so, then I would had found it more quickly. Thanks.

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