Open multiple instances

I absolutely love this program and use it nearly daily.
However, I have one major issue: I need to have the ability to have multiple copies opened at the same time.

I would be more than happy to donate to your development of MP3tag if you would add the ability to open at least another copy of the program.

Thank you.

see e.g. here:

(Going over to read the link you provided)
OK, let's clarify a little bit.
How about having the second instance to where it does not allow editing.

I just need to be able to look at other information I have in the other files, to copy over to the new file for identical files in different albums.

I have used the Sandboxie and it worked OK, but was annoying at times.

I read over what was posted by the developer and others on that link you provided.
If the reason is due to simultaneous updating.
As long as you DO NOT save the file, it does not update the file.
I have opened many folders and never edited, just copied out information, and the file date never changed.
Being a developer myself, I can say for certain, that the only way a file is updated, is during the saving process.

I found another program to run along side this one.

This is closed, unless the author decides to add in what everyone is asking for.

I'll second this. There are so, so, SO many times I need to see how some other files are tagged, but don't want to close my current "working" files. I would love a "read-only" second instance. It can even have a popup that warns read only.

Yes, I know I can add or open more files to the current instance. I really don't want to do that, I often tag files a folder at a time, adding files just confuses the process.

A second instance solves all of these inter-related issues.

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What was annoying about sandbox? I still use that method, my mp3's total only about 6000 files

Well that would be at least something I also could use, if a second full fledged instance is still not in the plans for being implemented

And here is my workaround proposition to this issue: