Opening multiple files at once

Hello, I have a small suggestion for the Mp3tag developers.

As I'm sure you know, it's currently possible to open a single music file in Mp3tag by dragging the file over the Mp3tag icon. However, if you drag 2 or more music files over the Mp3tag icon, it will open the program, but display only one of those files. Would it be possible to make it so that if you drag multiple files onto the icon, Mp3tag would open with all of those files ready for editing?

Like I said, it's just a small suggestion and the workaround (opening Mp3tag and dragging the files in after) is easy to do. I've just thought for a while that it would be a useful addition to an already amazingly useful program.

Thanks for your time.

You can try the attached command file "Mp3tag File Launcher.cmd".
Drag one file or a group of files or folders onto the icon of the command file.
The command file will launch Mp3tag with the selected items.

Be aware, the system may give a warning message, when the list of selected filenames is too big and does not fit into the CMD.exe's commandline. Then load smaller groups of files.
Good luck!

Mp3tag_File_Launcher.cmd.txt (1009 Bytes)
In order to work with the command file remove the ".txt" extension.


See also ...
To create a text listfile of filepathes and/or folderpathes per "Drag and Drop" you can use the attached command file "Make Listfile of Files and Folders.cmd". Simply "Drag and Drop" selected files and/or folders onto the icon of the command script.
To launch Mp3tag using the previously created listfile you can use the attached command file "Mp3tag Listfile Launcher.cmd". Simply "Drag and Drop" the listfile onto the icon of the command script and Mp3tag will start and load all entries.
Command-line load of multiple directories

Folder "drag and drop" cmd script (nearly the same as the "Mp3tag File Launcher.cmd" from this post).
Command-line load of multiple directories


Mp3tag_File_Launcher.cmd.txt (1009 Bytes)

I normally just open the application and drag-n-drop one or more folders of my music. I store my music in my Music Library and have a folder within the library for each album. Example I currently have 2383 folders in my music library which contain a total of 60,113 files.

Before placing any music into my library I place folders of music in a temp folder "_Music Need Work" and here I go through a set of about 20 steps to ensure (hopefully) that the files are named correctly, the tags are correct and the artwork is present and in the tag. The file tagging is the last step of my clean-up. Once this is completed I then move the folders to my main library.

When I drag-n-drop folders on the MP3 window I can open unlimited number of files, e.g. all that are within the folders. Depending on the speed of your computer this may take a few minutes, example I've opened as many 12K files. When I open a bunch of folders I will then make the tag updates on a folder by folder basis.

As a test, to reproduce your usage, I put the Mp3tag icon on my quick launch bar and noticed the following:

  1. I can drag-n-drop one folder and all files in that folder will be opened in Mp3tag
  2. If I drag-n-drop multiple folders on the Mp3tag icon, Mp3tag will NOT open and seems to do nothing with the files. As stated above if I drag-n-drop the same folders on the open Mp3tag window all files will be opened.