Option to generate track number with leading 0

I try to search but did not found anything realated to this topic, so here it goes...

Aldo we can create the Filename with the leading 0, on my Blaupunkt when I put a MP3 CD, it reads the MP3 Tags and plays them by order, if the track number does not have the leading 0 on the small numbers we get the normal order.. 1, 10, 11...

So it would be nice to have this feature to the Track ID tag too.

See the help on the autonumbering wizard for that. https://docs.mp3tag.de/menus/tools

or perhaps one of the many threads that deal with this topic, this one dating back to 2009:

Thank you very much the CTRL+K did the trick.

But an option for making it the default option would be great too. :slight_smile:

AFAIK the setting is remembered, once you have set it.
So setting an option to make it the default or setting it straight away looks the same to me.