Opus with *.ogg extension not editable

an opus file encoded with Lavf58.18.104 is not editable with mp3tag, but with foobar and tagscanner.

Does this thread help?

it helps to rename the file to opus (instead of ogg), as the last post of that thread suggested. but how should other/novice users know that workaround? can mp3tag not identify the filecontent?

foobar will play anything anyways. in android some players wont play opus files. others will show but not play false ogg.

wouldnt it be helpfull if a popup info in mp3tag came up and said something like "this file has an improper ending. it is opus instead of ogg."?

I'm aware of the situation and commented on this issue before

nice you are aware of it :wink: and thanks for developing the program further, so...

only trying to improve usability....

I've added support for detecting Opus inside *.ogg files with Mp3tag v2.95a.

:upside_down_face: thanx a lot, also for adding the other changes. i can confirm the usability off tagging opus material in ogg files. is it just me: i cannot export the configuration in *.csv?

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