ORIGYEAR tag confusion!

OK, I have searched the forum and I am very confused. I made an action and it works great but the Original year tag is not working at all and I am stuck. Is there any advice that can point me in the right direction? Here is my Action:

%_folderpath%'..\'%artist%'\'%origyear%' - '%_directory%

I am a little confused:

DOes not look like an action at all but like a format string that can be applied in numerous actions and even the converter.
As this looks a little like a path, I am also confused about the parts with %_folderpath%, "..\" and %_directory%

@ohrenkino yes it is a format string as an action, what it does is takes a complete directory as is with all contents included and creates and moves it into an artist directory and adds year before the directory. It works perfect with %year% but is not working at all with %origyear%.

What is it that does

Could it be that you have the same value in YEAR but different values in ORIGYEAR or no values at all?

If you want to rename a folder, it would be much easier to use a fully qualified absolute filename.

@ohrenkino I am not looking to rename a whole folder, I am just looking to add the original year before the folder and put the folder in an artist dir. As I stated the whole string works perfectly with the year value just does not seem to retrieve any info for the original year value. You may be right there may be no value info for the original year on some albums but you would think this would be an easy task.

I think that this describes fairly accurately the process of renaming.

If there is no data in the field ORIGYEAR but you need that then any attempt to use non-existent data will lead to undesirable results.
I am not sure who is supposed to carry that out what

and I am also not sure what the task would be.
So far you present only very vague information about you do so that I do not see me in a position to help to find the root cause of the ORIGYEAR tag confusion.
It would help, though, if you told us
what action for which field you use,
what the format string looks like,
what the data for the relevant fields looks like and
with which property you start and how the property should look like in the end.

Or you test your format string in one of the converters, Tag-Filename for the _FILENAME or Tag-Tag for _DIRECTORY.

Basically I am just looking to add the original date the album came out to the front of the album folder without touching the folder tag layout as my example shows. I am not even sure if it is possible?

From this--> Motley_Crue-Girls_Girls_Girls_(30th_Anniversary_Edition)-(Remastered)-2017
To this--> 1987 - Motley_Crue-Girls_Girls_Girls_(30th_Anniversary_Edition)-(Remastered)-2017

To add further information to already existing fields or properties, see the HowTos:

In this case the field/property would be _DIRECTORY

You can see the result in a preview if you use
Convert>Tag-Tag for _DIRECTORY
Format string: %origyear% - %_directory%

@ohrenkino Thank You so much,

Perfect short and sweet and did the trick! :wink: