Out of Memory Error

Good day,

Version of Software?
I am using the latest and greatest MP3tag 2.69, and love this great tool. However recently I've encountered an error that is preventing me from working with it for export functions which I highly value.

Machines it happens on?
I have tested this on two machines, one a Win8/3GBram and the other a Win7/16GBram. The problem occurs on both, so I think it's a build issue, but I'm not certain if its a bug or not.

What am I doing?
I am starting mp3tag fresh, and opening my music folder to load all the tags for my entire library. This is very large with over 100,000 tracks. When I start loading, I watch my memory and confirms its eating a lot, but is running into trouble around 2GB and crashes. (Not entirely certain, but its pretty close around here)

I have attached two pictures of the errors the program generates in hopes this helps:

(I apologize if this has already been posted, I did look and only found a bug report about a similar issue but it was with exporting, and I am simply opening the folder

As MP3tag is a 32bit application, it can address the odd 4gb.
As some of the space is used by the OS, you are left with some 3Gb, regardöess of the installed memeory or discspace for swapping.
It is a little unfriendly of mp3tag to simply crash and not to refuse to load that/too many files, but that's the way it is.
Currently, you can load som 80,000 with reports of up to 100,000 tracks. The actual safe amount depends on the tag size.
So you have to split loading your collection

Out of curiosity, and plans to make MP3tag a 64 bit application?

was asked a few times before,
I think mp3tag has a lot of dependencies... there could be some difficulties...

There are other ways to reduce memory usage,
2GB is a magic limit for 32 Bit processes