Panel stopped working

I've been using this great program forever. Suddenly tonight the panel feature stopped.
If I select files as soon as I attempt to change anything in the panel the selection disappears.
NOTHING works execpt each file individually.

I've rebooted, uninstalled and reinstalled no difference.


Even though I do not quite understand what happens (it could be that what you consider a bug is actually the normal behaviour) it may be an idea to start MP3tag with a new mp3tag.cfg file.
Close MP3tag,
Find the file mp3tag.cfg,
rename it to something like mp3tag.cfg_,
start MP3tag again
and see if that makes the difference. If not, set mp3tag.cfg_ to its original name.
And you would have to describe in a little more detail what you do and what the reactions look like.
To tag more then just one file, there is still the extended tags dialogue. Does that still work?

Can you check if I understand this correctly?

  1. You select more than one file in the file list
  2. You switch to the Tag Panel on the left
  3. You start typing and the selection in the file list disappears

If I got this right, can you please post a screenshot of the 3 stages? If not, please describe where I got it wrong.