"Personal" tag

Hi all, I use version 2.32a on Windows 98 and 2.35 on Windows 2000. I added to my MP3 collection a "personal" tag called "Mycode" with a 3-digit code that identifies where original CDs are placed in my library. I cannot access it neither in columns nor in export. I tried %Mycode% and %_Mycode% with no result. Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I used a new tag because comment was too long and too difficult to read.

Which version did you use to save the tag and which version causes problems reading it back? If you used 2.35 to save the tag and 2.32a is having problems getting the tag back, please read this: Problems with ID3v2 tags in Unicode format?

No, most of files are written and read with 2.32a. In any case, I do see the tag with Right Click -> Tags... : I can't get it in columns and in export. How am I supposed to refer to a tag called "Mycode"?

Well, if it appears as "MYCODE" in the Tags panel, you should be able to use "%mycode%" in both the export configurations and the columns.

Please also make sure, that you use %mycode% at both the Value (for displaying the contents) and Field (for direct editing) at View > Columns....

Best regards,
~ Florian