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I am having the weirdest problem and need your help. The cover art on some, not all, folders changes to two of the first ones I did. I have tried redoing the art work and saving, and even tried cutting and pasting to a new folder but it does no good. On some folders i open to play, the songs and the main album pic is wrong. The songs will have a couple of the correct art work and the rest will be of two other albums I did when I first started using MP3TAG. If I right click, go to info, click on the pic and add from file it will change to the correct one but the main album pic and the song pics will not stay correct. Next time I play that album it is all screwed up again. This only happens on a handful of albums but is very frustrating. Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can fix it? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Check with MP3tag if you have the same number of covers in all the files of an album:
Create a column with the value %_covers%.
If you find different numbers but you want to have the same number of covers, you would have to correct that.
Also, check if the files of one album have covers of the same size. This is a fairly good indicator if you also have the same covers in the files.
Create a column with the value %_cover_size% for that.
After the audio files have been unified, you have to dig into the intricacies of your player:
How does it update tag information?
Has it got its own graphics cache (that needs to be emptied) like VLC?
Does your player still rely on a file in the folder called folder.jpg like WMP and iTunes?

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wow, you sort of lost me there, lol. I'm an old guy and not very into computers. I do use vlc but i have no idea about the graphics cache thing you mentioned. How do I empty that? Let me try to explain for you what I do. I take all the songs of an album i have downloaded, put them in a folder and click on MP3TAG. When it comes up I highlight them all and click on tag sources. (I don' understand the file to tag, tag to file and other things or how to use them) Once I find the correct one I always check to make sure the tracks THEY list coincide with my list. If not, then I go back and look for the right one. Sometimes the length of songs is different by a little bit but I always make sure the tracks are correct. Then I click ok and when the thing is done I click extract cover to file. When I look at the folder after that the small pic is correct and if i click on songs they show the correct pic, BUT...when I click on play all and it opens the big pic for the main album is of a different album and the songs are pics from that different album and another one. It is ALWAYS those same two albums! There are usually 2 or 3 of the correct pic. BUT, when it comes to one of those it will change the pic to the wrong one. I can change the main pic and all the small ones for the songs but they will not stay as the correct pic, they always revert back to those two album pics. Very frustrating. So, if that matches up with what you said to do please explain to me in explicit detail (since I'm kind of dumb with the computer and don't even know half the language you are saying) what i must do step by step if you wold please. I have a couple other issues I don't understand too. But I would really like to solve this one first, then if you would be willing to maybe you could help me to understand those. Thank you.

would it be possible to take a few screen shots and send them to you so you can see what i am trying to explain? Would that help?

Yes, you keep saying so (see "cause I'm old and not smart with computers!"

On the VLC cache, see here:

and/or here:

perhaps these threads explain it better than I do. At least they helped others.

will check them and see if it will help, thank you