Plea for WAV support

PS: Also AIFF files could be ID3 tagged ... it's the same as WAV. Here is an useful link: ... to find at the bottom ... read from

RIFF = FORM = RIFX (with small differences).

I have been using MP3Tag for quite a while and had to switch to Tag & Rename when I started moving to using WAV files.

Whilst Tag & Rename is an OK tool I do prefer MP3Tag and would happily put €50 into the pot for development costs.

I really miss being able to use the scripts from MP3Tag and have to do most of the changes I used to automate by hand now.

I don't know what format of tags are used in Tag & Rename, but they seem to work well and are read by almost every application I have used that supports reading WAV tags. So if MP3Tag could support the same it would be great.

I am also more than happy to do some testing on beta code if it helps.

The same for me. :slight_smile:


Tag & Rename 3.5 RC 1 has a bug - some software (e.g. Sony Sound Forge 9.0e) are reporting a bug on some WAV files with an ID3 tag when you try to open it. That is because T&R writes the id3 sub chunk sometimes with an odd number of bytes. It should be written with an even number of bytes (e.g. adding a zero byte).

Wavelab 5 isn't able to open WAV files with unknown subchunks (which didn't exist during the programming of the software - that's not a correct programming of the standard - Versino 6.06 (?) should be able to read/write them). For Wavelab 5 you have to remove the id3 tag (subchunk).

I am pretty sure this got fixed in RC2

Tag&Rename v3.5 rc 2 (13/02/2009):
added "Use check boxes to select files" option (improved check box files selection function)
added "Don't show splash screen on program startup" in advanced options
added "Use Vista style files selection in files list" in advanced options
added support of big sized cover art in wma/asf files
improved Album Artist tag frame support in ogg, flac and ape files
improved writing speed of wma/asf files
"Part of a compilation" data can be exported to cvs/xml now
minor interface improvements
fixed minor bug in shell extension
fixed bug in wav tags writing
minor bugs fixed

I know it has been a while, but has Florian added ID3 tagging support for WAV files ??

specifically the RIFF chunk way of doing it, as that is the only way Squeezebox devices can handle WAV files that have been tagged

Andyg on the Logitech forum ( one of the slimdevices developers) is on record as saying on the 26th January 2011

"SBS supports ID3-tagged WAV files but the ID3 tag has to be in a RIFF chunk called 'ID32' or 'ID3 '"

SBS = SqueezeboxServer

SBS might support it, (u can never know with them), but even if they do, they probably shouldn't. my understanding is that sticking id3 tags into wav is a hack, like sticking them into FLAC files is a hack, and i don't think mp3tag should support that kind of thing. i want mp3tag to strip id3 from flacs, not edit id3 in flacs. same for wav.

my advice to people with wav is to convert to FLAC, and get the benefits of proper tagging while remaining lossless. saving space is a bonus.

(contrary to popular belief, wav does support limited tagging legitimately, i know audacity can properly tag a wav using a non-hack way, but i don't know if mp3tag does it or not, and it is very limited)

Hmm, I think I remember that Florian has said here in the forum, that there are problems with the RIFF format, because there is no standard at all, and this keeps on with the implementation of a RIFF/ID3 container for WAV files.


amazing post Mr Sinatra, SBS have supported ID3 tags in WAV files for ages, I use Tag&Rename to place ID3 tags in all my WAV files, and SBS is completely happy with them, so not sure where you are getting your facts from dude !

the new iPad2 Logitech Squezebox app is what I mostly use these days to remotely control my Duets at home, and cover art, tags all play very nicely, check out the free download trial at Tag&Rename, the best $30 USD I ever spent !

Just a shame that Florian can't be bothered to take some business away from Tag&Rename and get some more donations, not the end of the world I guess.

i didn't say they didn't, (i wouldn't know b/c i never used that ability); however my point was that they frequently release versions that break old behavior.

SBS does support reading id3 in FLACs as well. but SBS is just a reader of tags, not a maker of tags, and i still contend that mp3tag should not engage in the making and editing of tag hacks. jmho.

As I read through the thread I see several people are using WAV format and others have responded to the lack of standards (one super reason not to use it). I saw some comments that storage is not an issue - I would like to suggest that this is short-sighted thinking, especially as your libraries grow. A couple of years ago my music and audio book libraries (all in MP3 format) were rather small, today my music library is almost 400GB and my audio book is 1.3TB thus I have 1.7TB in MP3 files. If I were to use WAV format this would require at least 8TB for the same files. I highly suggest that you project ahead what you think you might need for storage and if you are just getting started multiply by 10 and be prepared if the estimate is too small. :music:

wav support has been added with V2.76, see

As a broadcaster I'd like to weigh in here on WAV extended tags. As has already said the WAV is only a container that can include any metadata you choose to place there. Christi mentioned GoldDisc files from TM studios. They have an extended LIST tag with a 't' preface and use a Cart Chunk to include song intro INT and seque SEG. I anyone (in development) would like a sample of one of these GoldDisc files send me a PM. It would be great to see and utilize these extended tags as Christi says I'm also switching all my MP3 files over to WAV and want to keep all that important metadata I've spent years adding to my files. -Mitch

You've posted about this topic in the following threads:
Writing extended Wave Chunk Metadata
Add New Metadata tag
Extened Tags with WAV
You have been asked at least one question and you did not answer.
I wonder what the progress is now on your side.

There are some issues with tagging APE, M4A and WMA files; when trying to use nonstandard fields and / or nonstandard characters. I have reported them somewhere on this forum

But I can attest that FLAC, TTA and WV are safe and work under within the same system [nomenclature]

I didn't get an answer nor was I asked one. My comments are in support of extended LIST/INFO tags in WAV files.

I have a need to be able to both read and write APEv2 tags to WAV files as a broadcast automation program, StationPlaylist Pro, does this and it would be handy to be able to manipulate these tags from outside SPL. I've been ripping CDs on the Mac platform and it would be handy to access these tags.

I can read APE tags if I change the file extension but this is very inconvenient with the mass number of files I need to manipulate.

I've seen others chime in, but I know I would be willing to donate to the cause if this feature could be implemented.

On a side note: look how many views this thread has - 39580

It is probably the most popular one. I has almost as many as the pinned thread about filter expressions

That was one reason I was hesitant in posting in this thread as I assume my post (and many others) may simply be overlooked by the powers-at-be who might make the decision to add and/or enable this capability.

Just noticed this post and wanted to add that back in 2016, with Mp3tag v2.76, I've

[2016-04-07] NEW: added support for WAV files with INFO tags and ID3v2 tags.

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