Please check my regexp

I'm using MP3Tag to clean up my tags. Very powerful program. So powerful that I'm afraid to just jump in with this regexp I made. I'm using a good tutorial:
Regexp Tutorial Link
as a reference. Anyone new to regexp, like me, should read it.
I want to remove the leading "The " from my artist tags. "The Eagles" becomes "Eagles". I also want to take into account the possibility of an extra space or two (or more) between the "The" and the next word. Here is the regexp I came up with and would like comments from those more experienced than I. I've run some trials but I certainly can't think of everything and don't want to mess up my tags.
In ARTIST field, search with ^[Tt]he( +) and replace with nothing.
Can anyone see if this will end up doing more than I want it to?

We have more or less the same in the FAQ

By default, the expressions are case insensitive in Mp3tag so you don't need [Tt]
But if you have ticked the checkbox, you need it of course.

dano thanks for responding. I did read most of the FAQ but I remember not reading down that whole page. My fault.
I'm guessing from your response that my regexp would work, but I see that yours is formed better. I made mine too complex. Well, I learned something so that's good.