Please dark theme option

I no longer use the mp3tag, because it dazzles me and my eyes hurt. Please dark theme option.


If you don't use MP3tag any more why should a dark theme be added?
Please read also the announcement for V2.91:

"CHG: various UI color changes for improved usability under Windows high-contrast mode and dark themes."
So set your PC to a dark theme and there you are.

Hi @ohrenkino for me that I use very often :grin: the Mp3tag dark theme would be a great addition and I was going to ask for it...

I've set my windows 10 to Dark theme but Mp3tag doesn't seem to adopt that setting, maybe am doing something wrong but this is not working for me.

Which MP3tag version do you use? Should be the latest.
In Windows 10 you have to set the high contrast option.
And then MP3tag looks as dark as the rest.

@ohrenkino I use the latest one, but I've missed the part about the high contrast. I'll try that when I'll be at home.

Thanks once again!!!:grin:

Hi, @ohrenkino I tried it and you are actually right, But i don't really like that solution as it's messing all the other apps also, i would still prefer a native Dark theme support.


You can save your normal windows theme to activate it as soon as you do not need the darker one any more.

From a user-perspective I think it's not suitable to switch between themes only to make one application look different — I don't think that anyone would follow that advice.

Also, for users who enabled the native Dark Mode option of Windows 10 (via "Settings > Personalization > Colors > Dark") I can understand why it would be nice that as many applications as possible would support it. It feels less like an accessibility mode (the high-contrast mode does) and more like a personal choice that is less straining on the eyes (for some users).

Unfortunately, there is no official API for Dark Mode yet. I did some preliminary experiments hacking around this, but gave up after realizing how much work this would be.

I'll keep it on the list as a feature request and might come back to it in the future.


I completely agree: why only one application? Why not set the whole system to a dark mode - which is already possible.
To get the whole benefit of a MP3tag-only dark mode, you would have to run it as a maximized application. But a soon as you switch to any other application window, the windows theme colours would strike again - with all all their eye-straining brightness.
So I doubt that this would really bring that leap in user-friendlyness.

I wonder how users will cope with the status quo when there is


the only available workaround for the time being is to use the windows means as awkward as it may feel, sorry.
This is my opinion - I respect that others have different ones.

Well, you could make MP3Tag (version 3) an UWP app …

It would probably kill any chance to run mp3tag on other platforms, except Windows.

It's not planned and it would be a different app then.

I have a dark mode in my Windows 10 [one of the very few things that in my experience improved from Windows 7]. It helps but it is not enough. And I cannot switch to high contrast. I experimented also with dark / high-contrast settings of mi graphics card, but these workarounds also proved to be inconvenient for the overall usage

As for the other workarounds and a big picture of this problem:

In short: I have darkened [almost] everything I could in terms of operating system and software that I use [to few things I did not have time yet to get to]. I value these improvements and still view Mp3tag as being the single most bright drawback in my day-to-day opertions

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And as we are discussing here dark theme capability, I would like to remind my other idea concerning colors from over 4 years ago

Here are some ways to check if the dark theme is enabled in Windows 10:

But maybe you already know / tried these options.
Still I would love to see a dark theme for mp3tag. It's one of the last remaining programs I use that don't have a dark theme. You could implement a dark theme with a normal switch in the options and as soon as there is an official API for detection of the light/dark mode or you able to get another way around that, you can add an 'auto' option.

I would happily donate again if a dark theme gets implemented. Or I would try to help with the developement of it if possible (though I'm not a programmer).


I just wanted to once again bring back that idea - with some new input

I recently upgraded my Media Player Classic. To my amusement it now supports the Dark Theme of Windows 10. The result is that the awful Windows-98-like seek bar was replaced with a modern looking dark bar. This might not seem like a lot, but when you are watching in the middle of the night a movie on a large widescreen in a room that has walls painted on purpose with super matted dark paints- then it does make a difference of overall experience

But that is not the main advantage. As it is the right click menu that now has a dark background and bright letters. And what does is just stunning: I no longer, when laying on the bed, have to guess in which language subtitles I am choosing as I can clearly read all entries in my menu. The change is amazing

Also: I took some time and found dark styles for the Stylish add-on in my Firefox for most of the websites that I use on the daily basis. Once again: the overall experience, this time of using the Internet, have increased for me in a positive manner

So to sum up, dark themes / skins are the way to go because:
A] They look better
B] They are better for people with impaired vision
C] They make the screen drain less power, which power costs both money and CO2 emissions


I would love to have a dark theme too.
Using mp3tag mostly in the evening or even later, the plain white is very agressive for the eyes. A dark theme would really help.

Thank you if you can consider our request :slight_smile:


...i would like to add my support for this...
...i can even lend my support going through replacing HEX code and testing a new UI...

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Yes, I would prefer a dark theme as well, the white is quite bright !!

Is it not an easy thing to implement??

Just wanted to add me to 'the list' of people wanting a dark theme option.
My Win 10 is set to use dark mode but this setting doesn't apply to MP3tag.

If it's ever possible, that would be great!