Please, explain the mess with album art filename.mp3.jpg

Hello, guys :slight_smile:

Just downloaded the thing, and this program is awesome. Got my musical collection sorted down in almost no time.

I have a question about album art. Is there really should be that many jpg files of album arts? First I'll describe, what I did:
I selected all tracks in particular folder, right-clicked the cover sign and choosed 'Add cover', pointed to the desired image, and it aplied it to every song in this album (I sort albums by folders). Later, I looked up this album folder and saw alot of filename.mp3.jpg files (as seen on attached pic), but they are all the same...
So, what am I doing wrong and am I doing anything wrong at all? Is there a way to stuff jpg into mp3 file or create a unique pictire for this album to be used by all the mp3's?
Please help me out :frowning:

inb4: i tried searching the forum with *mp3.jpg query and it returned nothing, also tried googling and only found out that id3v2 tags can be used to store images, and that's it.

So I tried to delete all those jpg's and found out, that my KMPPlayer doesn't show album art with pictures deleted, and Windows Media Player does, so jpg's are inside of the mp3's, it was just my player bug\feature extracting album covers off songs :slight_smile: I didn't find the option to disable this, so I'll need to get a new player.
And yeah, the topic can be closed.

Don't be too sure that the pictures are inside the files if youuse WMP as test program ... as WMP keeps a thumbnail library so it needs some forced updates to get rid of the ´pictures.
If you load the files into MP3tag, though, and apply the filter (press F3)
NOT %_covers% iS ""
and all the files remain displayed then the art is embedded.

To save your other MP3 player from the junkyard: you can export the embedded pictures with an action (see FAQs /t/967/1 so that only one file per folder is created. Also you can determine, which name should be used - for WMP this would be folder.jpg. Check, what your MP3 player expects.