Please include a tool / function for removing / deleting dupulicate songs (files)

Please include a tool / function for removing / deleting duplicate songs (files).

I understand this product is a tag editor but it would be great to a have great duplicate song removal tool! Most are are are very good and are difficult to set-up so it works.



Even though this has been a frequent request that has never been implemented as a function I still wonder:
Could you tell us what would qualify a file as "duplicate"?

Perhaps this discussion from 2011 shows you some of the other options:


i read the topic but it did not satify my need on duplicate item in artist name only.

as Mp3tag can load 50k of files in memory, maybe it can analyse the tag in a array, sort them seek the doublons...

Can it detect such duplicates cases ?:

case 1 (problem with THE) :
beatles - together
the beatles - together
beatles, the - together

case 2 (problem with accents with/or uppercase) :
yéyé - bonjour
yete - bonjour
YÉYÉ - bonjour

case 3, the harder (problem with feat. or duo)
artist1 & artist2 - the song
artist1 with artist2 - the song
artist1 - the song feat. artist2
artist1 - the song (& artist 2)
artist1 - the song (duet with artist 2)
artist1 - the song (with artist 2)

any idea ?

The fact remains: MP3tag does not compare data between files.
So it is up to you to sort and filter your files, unify tags and filenames until you have a collection that is up to the mark.

There is the tool "similarity" that compares the audio part of files.


i discover that mp3tag have an export CSV option.

so i will try it to excel to add some string function to remove and sort well. it should be easy.

I notice that you are quite new to Mp3Tag and already have a lot of feature requests.
Nothing against feature requests but should you not discover the already existing features of Mp3Tag of which you just have scratched on the surface and then decide to make suggestions what is missing to be perfect?

The product "perfecttunes" has an automated delete duplicates function, among other things.

case1: no problem to detect by tag
case2: even no problem to detect by tag
case3: impossible to detect 100% correct by tag. software can't know that in all cases (example duet with...)

As I told in last thread:
detecting by acoustic fingerprint is still the best way for finding duplicates.
Location, Filename, Tags doesn't matter. Software "listen" to the song an "hear" if it is the same song or not like a human would do.
Short Youtube Video for duplicate search by acousting fingerprint


But anyway how sophisticated a software is:
The focus alway has to be on the detecting of the possible duplicates, not on the automatic removal.
As soon as possible duplicates habe been detected the user has to decide over the removal of one or more duplicates and which one to remove.
I would never trust a software in this.
Even detection by acoustic fingerprints would have the necessity

  • to know how long the song has to be and if one duplicate plays to the end and the other cuts off 5 seconds before the end
  • to decide if one of the duplicated has better sound
  • to decide if a "Radio Edit" is the same as the "Album Ediition"
  • to decide if Take 2 ofthe sessions is the same as Take 3 or Take 4

As like me I think a lot of users have the wish to collect complete albums and not to automatically delete 1 song of 2 if they have the same song in 2 albums.

i don't trust and i hate the detecting by acoustic fingerprint because it always fail by consider equal a song and the same song remasterised

it even fails in discovering a radio edit (without tag name) and an album version .

Agree, but I wonder about you, watched that quickstart guide I've posted yesterday?
(Quickstart guide Video 2:01 "Mediapurge won't delete anything at this step" ... 2:45 "all important information shown here, you can choose...)
It won't delete anything atomatically :wink: In manual selection it makes proposals to you

I will try to give you some answers:

acoustic fingerprint can detect same song with different length (cut off) and prefers longer

it can decide from encoding format and paramters (sure, if you use an 64 kbit file and transcode it to 320kbit it will not see - but it will show you will be able to decide in last step of manual selection)

Not the same acoustic fingerprint if it's not the same song.
acousting fingerprint don't know about editions, it simply listen if it's the same or not.

Agree, completions will be screwed up when deleting duplicates.
But there are user who want to do that, and if he like to do that, it's ok, and we should help him.


ok, you hate... , wow.

If a song is remastered it's same situation as another take or an radio/album/club editon. I think, this is not a duplicate, I won't delete.

btw: Tag doesend matter for acoustic fingerprinting. :laughing:


You can't change the habits of a lifetime. (Was der Bauer nicht kennt, das frisst er nicht.)

My answer referred in general to the wish of the thread-opener to have a function in MP3Tag to delete duplicate songs. The user garym in addition wrote about "automatic" deletion.

PerfectTunes does auto detection based on fingerprinting, but the deletion requires additional steps (as one would want of course).

p.s. I agree that a remastered version of a track or a mono vs stereo or radio edit are all NOT duplicates for me personally.