Podcasts - iTunes vs mp3tag and the rest (comments / subtitle tags)

Hi guys. I wonder if I can pick your brains as this problem has been driving me nuts.

I am going to be uploading podcasts to a site (which can read id3v1 / id3v2). The podcasts come from a different podcasters and therefore an array of software and thus are tagged differently. My job is to tag them properly so they are all consistent, but I'm having lots of issues.

For example - take an iTunes podcast.
The MAIN tags (As displayed in iTunes) are as follows....

Artist / Album / Podcast (Title) / Year / Genre / Comment / Album Artist / EpisodeNumber / Internet radio statio name / Subtitle

As far as i can see, the most important tags here (except for the obvious Artist / Album etc) are "Description" and "Comments"...

The "COMMENTS" tag is used most generally as a sort of 'a little bit more info about the podcast' e.g. "episode 65 of the award winning podcast....."

The "DESCRIPTION" tag in iTunes (Which shows as the "SUBTITLE" tag in everything else including mp3tag) is where most people put the bulk of the extended info on the podcast (eg tracklist). Now in itunes, this seems like it has no limitations and even line breaks are permitted, almost like a text document. In mp3tag (and dbpoweramp / tagscanner) this is limited... NO LINE BREAKS / LIMITED TO 230 CHARACTERS etc.

So i am losing a load of information from this iTunes podcast when I use it on the new website. Is there anyway around this (particularly for SUBTITLE tag)? Can I convert this iTunes tag information, can i get line breaks in id3v2?

any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you

Do you have mp3 or mp4 files?

To add line breaks go to "View > extended tags", add a field and use Ctrl+Enter.

The tags in Mp3tag:

SUBTITLE is the description
PODCASTDESC is the longer description which appears when you click on the (i)
(It's called ITUNESPODCASTDESC in older Mp3tag versions)

In iTunes these are more important than a COMMENT tag.

Thank you so much - that's a great help. Are these line breaks already embedded in the field? If I want to see these line breaks outside of iTunes, in any other platform or website how do i do it?

Forgot to say. MP3's, for now at least

The line breaks are saved in the tag by Mp3tag. I can't say what other software will do with them.

I see some of my podcast have html tags in their PODCASTDESC field like

instead of actual line breaks.