Thanks Bartosz and juen!


best regards!

still no need for polish translation of main pages?:>

Polish.zip (11.7 KB)


Hey @Florian,

New version, I translated everything that has not been translated till today :slight_smile: Based on v2.82a

Polish.zip (10.1 KB)


Thanks a lot, Bartosz!



Are there any translation files for the installer? There is one small mistake with polish diacritics:



Yes. I've attached the language file for the installer to this post and updated the first post here with the missing strings.

– Florian

PL.zip (1.41 KB)


Both translated.

The NSIS transaltion had some kind of wild charset. I corrected it and it works well for me, but just to be sure - are you able to build the installer with this file and let me see if everything's looking good? I'm worried about the charset, you never know...

Polish.zip (10.2 KB)

PL.zip (1.41 KB)


The Polish.lng is still missing one string (see post above) and the PL.nsh seems to be the original file I've sent you.

Can you please check?


Polish.lng - my bad, PL.nsh - I have no idea how that happened... :smiley:

Sorry about that.

PL.zip (1.42 KB)

Polish.zip (10.1 KB)


Thanks! I've converted the file from ISO-8859-2 to UTF-8 to be sure that my system codepage doesn't mess with the encoding again.

I'll release v2.83b in the next minutes. We'll see how it goes :slight_smile:



Looks good to me :wink:


@Florian While talking with my friends about Mp3tag, we came up with a thought that two items in file's context menu aren't unambiguous - I'm talking about the "remove" and "delete" options. How about making them more precise and explicitely calling them "remove from disk" and "delete from list"? I attached the corrected version :slight_smile:

Polish.zip (10,3 KB)



I noticed a small bug while batch saving tags to files from an action - thie popup's title is not parsed correctly for some reason. I wasn't able to find the reason, it might not be connected to this language.



If you replace : by ... at _M_STR_SB_WRITETAGS (as in the original language file) the caption should be fine.