Possubke to process locally saved file (file://) instead of http:// ?


I would like to obtain track info from emusic (to which I have a subscription). But emusic serves up fully populated pages only if you're logged in, which I don't believe can be done while in mp3tag.

So I've saved the relevant html page to a local html file which I'd like to process with something that looks like:


I've tried this, but I get a server error.

Can this be done?

Or is there another solution for providing myself a logged-in status while using WSF?




I've also made experiments in this directions but could not get it working.

You can copy the text form the website and add it all in one tag field like %temp%.
Then you can use the Guess Values Action in combination with some tricky $regexp() function to get the right things to the right fields.

Give me a example of a emusic page and I will help you.


It's possible when you run a local http server.
Then you can use i.e.

Discogs: Parse Album (Release)

pone and dano, thanks for your suggestions, each very helpful. I shall try them both.

pone, I can probably handle the regexps, but will take you up on your offer of help if I get stuck. Thanks again.


What would be the easiest way to run it under Windows XP? Does it require any additional software?


http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-windows.html is a good http server and low on resources.

Apache is the Webserver, the rest Mysql, PHP, Ftp and tomcat you don't really need.

And XP also has IIS. Read more here http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documen...2.mspx?mfr=true


Which of this two would be easier to configure for someone who hasn't done anything similar?

Also, can you explain the basic principle behind these utilities? Are they going to make my local folders and files available to http:// requests of Mp3tag? Before I start I would like to know what I'm actually trying to achieve.



IIS is more point and click and Apache is more command line based. So it depends on what you prefer.

Look at the post from Dano to see an example what you can do when you are running a web server icm with Mp3tag.

It's like running a website but then with local speeds. (And can have access to your local files and folders).

But when you try to do that make sure that your paths and your user permissions are set for your local directories in the web server, if you are really not computer savy please be careful as running a HTTP server could be a risky undertaking and could expose your computer to the internet. Make sure that you are running a good firewall and that your pc is up to date with the latest patches.


I've made it. Thanks.

I used XAMPP package to run Apache server. It was easier than I thought. I found all necessary information in the link you provided. You can run server with simple utility program included called XAMPP Control Panel Application. No configuration is required (I was offline so I didn't bother with any security measures). You just put your web files inside xampp\htdocs folder and they become accessible via http:/localhost/filename.ext URL.

The only downfall is that package is quite bulky for such a simple task (400 MB after install). It contains a lot of database stuff you don't really need. I wonder if one might use a standalone version of a server instead.

Note: Do not save XML files using Firefox "Save Page As" option as it is likely to change syntax of empty-element tags (space before the slash vs. no space) and your script may not work as expected. Instead use Page Source to copy and paste content to text editor and then save locally.