Previously used filters disappeared

I have been using many different filters for some time. When a new version of mp3tag comes out I have upgraded in the past and all my filters, actions and converts have always been ok when upgrading.
Until v3.14... an older PC at v3.11 seems to be ok.
Has anyone else noticed any issues with this or is it just me?
I had about 50 filters that I used and they are now gone.

No. Not here.
Did you perhaps install now in a different way? Portable instead of standard installation?
Different user?
Are your defined actions, column definitions and tag-panel-configuration preserved?

Installed the same way I have for years...via the downloaded exe...double clicked and followed the prompts.
Column definitions and tag panel etc seem ok.
Only have 1 user on the PC.
Anyway...just have to recreate the filters I once had..

I am not sure, but after moving to version 3.14c my filters have also disappeared, even more than once; kind of

Because maybe it was an user error, who went back to 3.14 for comparison of Filter feature and inadvertently / by accident clicked Remove all from history. But if it was not an user error then this bug [assuming that it exists] apparently also works the other way [when downgrading version]

So: what is your point?
Can you describe a scenario to substantiate your claim that there is

If you don't have this, then it looks like a reason to flag your post as one that does not advance the topic.

Where do you find any hint that downgrading is a valid use case?
On the contrary (and this is my assumption): if you get a new data structure that assigns descriptions and favourite filters how should this be usable by older versions of the program?

I just did describe my scenario which resulted with me loosing all of my filtering expressions

How is that you know for sure that this hyphothetical bug does not manifests itself


Or is it just forbidden by Great Laws Of Cosmos that when settings from old version of any software copied to newer version of a specific software get messed up, then it is impossible for settings from that newer version to get messed up also when applied to older version of such software?

By assuming that filtering expressions themselves are written / stored in theory [i.e. in a bug free Mp3tag] in the very same way

I did not write a single line of Mp3tag code nor I am a programmer- but being a small time scripts tweaker and hacker of my OS's registry, if it was me doing that huge Filter upgrade I would leave that "filtering expressions" as they were - thus change everything around them but not that core element. In other words, I am taking an educated guess that whole 3.14c Filter was not written from scratch

You said

So how does this lead to a reproduceable scenario? If you click "Remove all" then the filters are gone - it works as designed. No suprise.

Your description of upgrading and downgrading is comparing pears with apples and and is no evidence for a bug.
And as we both do not know whether

we can stop to discuss that here.

Because I went twice from 3.14c to 3.14 and only only at the third of fourth [fifth?] discovery of my filtering expressions being gone have I realized that I just few second ago I clicked the Remove all from history... instead of Remove from history

It is very unlikely that just dozens of minute of using version 3.14c made me forget of the difference and location of Remove all from history... and Remove from history in version 3.14, familiar to me for years. And it is unlikely that I made the same mistake time after time, also in relatively short span of time

Time will tell if other users will report such disappearances

Where is the option of:
Remove all from history... instead of Remove from history
Is this something new in a beta level or have I missed something?
Hopefully not a dumb question :slight_smile:

Since version 3.14b the management of filter-expressions is new and much better than before. So these menue items don't exist anymore. They were located at the bottom of a list that was shown if you click on the arrow button at the right end of the filter line. Now there is an menue item "Manage History".

I downgraded several times from version 3.14b, upgraded again and did not loose my filter expressions.

Found the options...never looked at those before as I didn't know they existed. Thanks for pointing it out:)

As the filters (besides actions and other things) are stored in the mp3tag.cfg-file it could be a solution to copy your config-file of the other installation to your %appdata%-subfolder.
I don't know for sure if the differences between 3.11 and 3.14 cause any complifications.
It is anyway a good idea to save the current configuration with File-> Save configuration before to have something to restore from.

It's indeed the case, that any filters you're adding with v3.14b and beyond are not available when you downgrade to a previous installation. The latest versions are using a different data structure that is not accessible to previous versions.

What you're seeing are the pre-v3.14b filter expressions, that are still preserved to have a safe upgrade path in case something goes wrong during the beta phase.


This should cause no problems. You can always upgrade from an earlier version, no matter the version number.