Printing cd covers

I have never found a successful way to print CD 'covers' or track lists of my MP3 compliations on CD's

Just found this tag editor and am very impressed - I have managed to export a very nice web page listing track details, and even discovered I can also amend the 'template' (10 out of 10!) but before I start trying to get something suitable for a CD cover I thought I would ask to see if anyone else had done this - or has any suggestions?

Excellent product, very well done

Chris Parsons

Hi there!

I am afraid that you cannot print CD covers using MP3Tag. Nero and WinOnCD have functions for doing so. Also, you could check out the open source MPEG Audio Collection. :slight_smile:

Sebastian Mares


here is my html cdcover export config :slight_smile:

maybe you have to modify the border for best fit for your browser and printer.
I was thinking about a way to automatically scale the font size with java script depending on the number of lines - I think its may be possible but I was too lazy.
currently it only fits for 23 tracks or so.

and for various:


that's great! Thanks for sharing this configuration :slight_smile:

Best regards,
~ Florian

Beatport_by__stevehero_v4.0_TEST__RELEASE.src (121 KB)