Problem happened after changing to new notebook


I hv been using mp3tag for quite some time. Recently I hv bought a new notebook. I hv transferred all my mp3 songs from old to new notebook. I am also using the same softwares to convert and edit mp3. Now, I hv a big problem. After ripping songs from cd, I use mp3tag to enter chinese title, none of the converter or splitter can open the file with the chinese title. It will show question marks for the titles. I tried to open the old mp3 songs with chinese titles also failed to do so.

And almost all the chinese titled mp3 transferred from old notebook do not show any chinese tags when I open directory using mp3tags. Meaning, I hv to re enter the tags all over again. Wonder why?

I am using mega mp3 splitter, audio edit deluxe, free ripper, river past wav converter. All these works on old notebook but not the present new notebook.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

PS : only english titles can work with the above softwares now. After using mp3tag to change them to chinese tags, nothing works.