Problem with context menu


I have Windows in Mac, with the latest Mp3Tag version (2.83)

Every now and then, the Mp3tag menu (right click) goes away so context menu is not working anymore. It only happens with mp3Tag. The only workaround I have found for now is to reinstall the program, but of course this is not handy most of time.

Will you help me, please?

I do not have a mac.
So the next stuff is pure guess work.
I know that MP3tag runs in a Windows Emulation.
So could it be that the context menu - which is a feature of the underlying operating system (emulation) - is only present while MP3tag (and with it the Windows emulation) are already running?

No, I don't have any OS emulation. My Windows installation is full. It means that I completely erased my Mac OS partition and operating system. MacBook Pros are now designed to fully support Windows. But of course, this doesn't mean this supporting feature is flawless. Apple engineers can make mistakes, just like anyone else. Could it be that this one is a glitch, from the MP3Tag program itself or a glitch by the MacBook implementation feature?

That may be as it is.
Actually, I haven't got the foggiest what to do with this exotic setup.
So please excuse me, I am out.