Problem with double "artist" in "title" field.


In my mp3 collection it offen looks like this, especially with singles (exampel below) Where "Antonio" is the ARTIST and "let the children" is the TITLE and "siberia" is release group. The release group can of course differ and the way FILENAME is named.

Antonio - antonio--let the children play-siberia.mp3


TITLE Field:
antonio--let the children play-siberia

It should look more like this.

Antonio - Let The Children Play.mp3


TITLE Field:
Let The Children Play

Is there any quickfix for this ? To make tag´s more cleaner.

Another exampel is when there is no ARTIST or TITLE and both info are stored in FILENAME. This could variety a lot and I always have to change %artist% - %title% by using the FILENAME - TAG function to match the fields below. These fields below are just examples how it may appear.

01 Artist - Title.mp3
%Track% %artist% - %title%


01- Artist-Title.mp3
%Track%- %artist%-


Hmm, there comes a radical cleaner quickfix into mind ...
Select a track, press [Ctrl+X][Ctrl+S], and the track is shiny clean. :wacko:

In order to realize your other text editing ideas I recommend to use Mp3tag and its astonishing features.


Since the naming patterns of the so called scene releases differ from release group to release group, there is no real quickfix for this.
You can work here with the Filename Tag Converter like you already do. Or with the actions Format Value and Guess Values.

%title% = antonio--let the children play-siberia

Acton: Guess Values
Source Format: $caps(%title%,-)
Guessing Pattern: %artist%--%title%-%dummy%

%dummy% is for parts that can differ and is not written anywhere
$caps(...) is for Letting Every Word Begin With Upper Case,
$caps(...,-) does so not only after spaces but also after "-"

and after that operation:
Action: Format Value
Format String: %artist% - %title%

A completely different uproach is to use web sources scripts. Then you don't have to care about strange and missing tags because you load them completely new from the internet. If you are into electronic music i recommend scripts for or
That's what I do, tagging everything with discogs.


I try to use discogs and juno as much as I can. I find around 50% of my collection in these sites.

It is very time consuminig to mark the whole all album, selecting every mp3 of the album and then tag the source. Offen the album name is wrong from the start and discogs is very sensitive it seems like. I have to rewrite the input field, check discogs, copy paste album title and go back to mp3tag and paste it in discogs search field.

Especially when you wan´t to tag 500+ albums.

What are the step I should do here to minimize this ? First I should find the correct album name on discogs/juno and then update the album name in mp3tag ?

It would be nice to have an function that auto tag´s more than one album at the same time if there is a complete match, thinking of number of track and no missmatch in album name. As for now I have to make each and every album manually and confirm correct album to get it tagged.


For albums not listed on these sites I use the steps below.

To solve the problem regarding no artist and title I do the following. I mark all songs belonging to one album. Select "Filename - Tag" and write:


Depending on the file name change it manually to match the filename and get the artist and title.

When this is done use this in a action group.

Format value "ARTIST": $replace(%Artist%,, )"
Format value "TITILE": $replace(%TITLE%,
, )"
Case convention "ARTIST": Mixed Case
Case convention "TITLE": Mixed Case

Doing this I´ll almost get wanted result. One thing I wonder about is why the first charater between the baracks always starts with a small lower case like this. (lori) ..

There Must Be An Angel (lori Balex Nocera And Maurizio Montanari Vanity Kills Mix).mp3

Is there any way to set TRACK to count from "1 - to end of album" on the same time ?


I know, it's a neverending story.
I use only my own discogs script where i have now 13 (!!!) different ways to search for avoiding this searching with browser and going back to Mp3Tag. And if I have to do so, I can just copy the URL in the browser and use it for search with the script. dano's script can do a similar thing, you only have to copy the discogs release ID number from the URL.
here is a link to my script, maybe you like it: /t/9226/1

That's because "(" is not interpreted as a character which marks the start ofa new word. You can add characters which mark word begins in the last line of the Case Conversion dialog which says: "Words begin from/after any of: Inserting (-_ there should give you better results.
It's the same as the sting $caps(%filename%, '('-) for format value, so can combine two lines into one by using:
Format value "ARTIST": $caps($replace(%Artist%,_, ), -'(')
$caps(%_filename%, -'(')

Format Value "TRACK": %_counter%
or $num(%_counter%,2) if you prefer leading zeros.