Problem with latest version


Hello everybody,

I bought for my birthday a new mp4, the Samsung R'mix, and I tagged my mp3 with mp3 Tag !
In the beginning, everything was ok, I had the tag of the song with the cover art of the album, but since the new update, that is to say mp3 Tag 2.48, it's not running on my mp4 whereas on my mobile phone and my computer it's ok.

So, what's the problem :rolleyes: ?



P.S : I'm french, so sorry for my mistakes :laughing:


I am a little confused ... you

MP4 is, as far as I know, a data format for videos. I do not quite understand how you run mp3tag on an mp4-computer....

I hope that you tried to tag your mp4 files with mp3tag. But you say that

which is alright in most cases.
Now then, could it be that your computer and mobile keep a library of their own so that modifications have not yet updated those libraries?

Could you try to explain your problem in more detail?


I know, I know :laughing: .

I say MP4 because my samsung can read MP3, MP4, WAV, FLAC and many others files :laughing:
But i tagged my MP3, I know that you can't with the MP4 files :laughing:


It could be that your computer stores images in a database or something similar and your portable does not.
So: could you add a column in the list view that displays the number of covers in a file? If it does not show at least "1" then there is not cover art in the file.


If you still face this issue, you can contact me in French via PM.
I'm very familiar with Samsung DAPs (Samsung Moderator on,, etc..) and quite familiar with mp3tag too so we'll probably find a solution together :slight_smile: